My #3 int154 cub loboy

Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:35 pm

I purchased this 3rd int154 cub about 6 or 7 years ago and never touched it. It came with the orginal IH snowplow and creeper tranny. It runs awesome. The clutch slips in high range under a heavy load but won't slip in low range. I have the new clutch assembly but i been putting it off till spring of which year i'm not sure. I was plowing snow with it this last stiorm when the clutch wouldn't release. Its been turning over much slower lately when starting too. I removed the center driveshaft cover and inspected the clutch. I found one clutch spring to be doubled up losing its spring tention. So i had one side of the clutch dragging (one finger was hardley releasing). I had .090" clearance on two clutch forks and about .125" clearance on one fork. I adjusted the throwout bearing to around .090" clearance on that one fork and about .035" clearance on the other two forks. Then i adjusted the brake pucks so they worked too when the clutch pedal was fully depressed. I got it working again till the spring when the weather breaks then i can fix it right. But my point is this can be the cause of hard starting in some of the int154's too. My engine flys over with the S/G now too much faster than waht it was. I been putting this work off due to my health and repairing other tractors(cadets). All this 154 does is to plow snow so far. For what i paid for it its an awesome running tractor. With just a little fix'in these can be awesome tractors.

In the past i been pushing dirt and rocks with it leveling off my backyard. I figured i use it with the bad clutch then once all my work is roughed in i'll replace the clutch.

Re: My #3 int154 cub loboy

Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:22 pm

You really should take some time to double check the motor mounts and especially where the drives and transmission bolt to the frame in the back. It's odd that the clutch was out that much, and these # series tractors are well know for the frame bolts wearing out and letting things move around. It only takes about 1/16" slop in a bolt to throw the driveline out of alignment. I've seen them so bad that the holes in the frames were nearly worn as big as the heads on the bolts. Unfortunately, this is the true weak point in these tractors. The engine and driveline would last forever, if the frame held it correctly.
Good luck!

Re: My #3 int154 cub loboy

Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:46 pm

Well I know now that a bad pressure plate spring can cause hard starting too.

I have 3 int154's to go thru and make sure there all good to go and my fcub to reassemble i have all the new parts for everything. I'm on meds for prostate cancer and feeling more spunky now i have a bit more energy. Its my last hurrah to get them all running. Then i can play with my cub cadets and some ideas.

With the last big record breaking storm we just had my jeep blew out a head gasket or valve cover gasket i noticed oil running down the side of the block now. I keep the oil filled but i'm using the 154 more lately to save the jeep till i can fix it. I can't catch a break this year...... :censored:

Re: My #3 int154 cub loboy

Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:58 am

Don't get discouraged. One challenge at a time. This snow is about to give us a break. The snow pushers are about to hit the summer hibernation mode :)): and if we get the tractors fixed up before the grass goes nutz then we'll be golden. :{_}: