mower height ?

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Re: mower height ?

Postby gitractorman » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:26 pm

Actually, the 185 would be a step DOWN from the 184. I'll never understand why they numbered the tractors this way, but the 154 first came out in 1969 and was 15-hp, and was built until 1974. The 185 came next, and had 18-hp but still had a manual PTO clutch, and was only built in 1975 and 1976. Both the 154 and 185 tractors are yellow/white paint scheme, the 184 was the only red one. The 184 came out in 1977 and was built until the end of production in 1980. It also had 18-hp, but had an electric PTO clutch, which some would argue is a benefit, others would argu that it is just another electronic piece to go wrong. However, it is easier to replace the electric PTO clutch than to rebuild the manual PTO clutch, but the parts cost just about the same. The manual PTO clutches work just fine, and many have been working fine for 40 years or so. I've got a 1970 Cub 154 and the PTO clutch is darn near perfect. I had a 184 and one of the first things I had to do was replace the PTO switch. Oh, that's another issue with the 184s, they have all the safety interlocks of modern equipment, so if the PTO switch is on, the tractor will not start. The 154 and 185 tractors just have a clutch pedal switch.

Really, there's not a heck of a lot difference between the three tractors. Honestly, if you're going to take one, strip it down, rebuild the engine, and put it back together like new, any one would perform equally well given the same treatment. The difference between the 15-hp and 18-hp is so minimal that you can't even tell the difference. If you plan to rebuild the engine, bore, new pistons, etc., then it's easy to push the 154's 15-hp up to 18-hp. The biggest difference in the horsepower was the Zenith carb, larger intake manifold, and increasing the governor setting from 1800 to 2000 RPMs. Simple stuff if you're planning to do a full rebuild. However, that's all you're ever going to get out of a C-60 engine, 18-hp. Many folks have tried to push them, but once you get above about 2000 RPMs, you're outside of the peak torque curve on the engine, and yea, it will run faster, but it really does not have any more power to the wheels or mower deck. I've actually seen old Farmall Cubs, with the original 9-hp C-60 engine out perform the 18-hp C-60 engine in pulling contests because the peak torque output on a C-60 is at about 1200 RPMs, what the original Cubs were built to run at.
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Re: mower height ?

Postby jimthetravler » Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:27 pm

Thank you I believe you have firmed up all the info I have gathered so far.
About horse power I am rarely able to tell the difference between 12 and 14 hp riding lawn mowers now 12 to 18 hp I can often see the difference.
And if I wanted something new im fairly sure that I could go to Sears and spend the same or less [after rebuild and outfit]
and have a much LESS usable and LESS durable machine that would [maybe?] burn less fuel.
And honestly I would probably be happy with that for the rest of my life.
But every time I got near the usable/suitable range of the equipment I would regret that percentage of loss.
At this time if I want a small to medium log brought out from deep in the woods I saddle a draft horse and we work it out between trees.
Well im getting older my horse is getting older and really he has earned his keep for life.
Now by the time we are tacked up I have to have a 15 min break [he dosent mind].
If I feel like making a capstan winch for the front or back end of this tractor then my kids will learn the word capstan and what it is capable of.
I can just imagine watching one of my daughters faces when they use that to bring something 100 yards up the side of a ravine that I would not even let
both boys and the team of draft TRY. :{_}: :{_}: :{_}: :{_}:

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