Where to get paint

Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:33 am

I just found and bought a grill guard for my Cub 154. After I get done with making it fit, I would like to paint it the same yellow color that my tractor is painted. Where do you find that paint ???? Thanks !!!!


Re: Where to get paint

Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:47 am

Would think an IH Case dealer would be your best bet for an exact match.

Put your location in here: http://www.caseih.com/en_us/Pages/DealerLocator.aspx

Re: Where to get paint

Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:49 am

The best paint you can get is at a Cub Cadet or Case/IH dealer. The paint is a little more expensive, but it goes on great, covers great, and is very durable. The CNH Iron Guard paint is the best I've used, but the Cub Cadet is pretty good too. Make sure to tell the dealer what year tractor you have, as there are about 4 different colors of yellow that were used on Cub Cadet equipment. They called all of them "Federal Yellow"


Re: Where to get paint

Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:20 am

The catch is that none of us really has any idea what paint is currently on your tractor. If it has never been repainted, the advise above is good. If not, well, good luck.

Re: Where to get paint

Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:01 pm

NAPA, any auto paint dealer, maybe TSC, for sure Carter and gruenwald will have it. If you want to be sure call Carter and Gruenwald, ask for Ken and he will know exactly what you need. Ken has written several books on cubs and cub cadets.

Some common paint colors are close and you may just go to Ace, Lowes, Advanced Auto etc and find a very close match.