Electrolysis Tanks and - Safety First

Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:08 am

Sometimes my fingers work quicker than my brain gets into gear. Anecdotal observations are based on personal experience and should be taken as that. Not necessarily applicable in all situations. So, let me clarify this:

When using electrolysis tanks, there is always a risk of Off-Gassing of Hydrogen Gas. Hydrogen Gas is extremely explosive and if there is any chance of accumulations then that risk MUST be addressed. So, when building a system.. I agree with Carl.. and I shoulda left really said that above along with my anecdotal response. Here are a few guidelines that may be useful. These are open to editing as needed in case of error.

    1. Ensure that your tank setup is used in a very safe and well ventilated area. Outside is good as any off-gassing will be dispersed naturally.

    2. If using your tank setup in an enclosed space, do design and provide a good externally vented exhaust system to vent any possible Hydrogen Gas build up from off-gassing.

    3. When using an externally vented, powered exhaust system, care must be taken to ensure that any risk from explosion caused by sparking on motor startup is dealt with. A sealed motor would be best. At the minimum, start your vent system PRIOR to starting your electrolysis tank.

    4. Always apply common sense to these types of tasks. IF in doubt.. PLEASE, PLEASE do post the question and one of our members with experience in those areas will undoubtedly post a suitable helpful response.