Shaking hands

Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:45 am

OK I have been ask by some to do this.
I really hope I don't step on any toe's. I have noticed this year with the many CF we have had a lot of kids riding on draw bars, on laps & by them self that I really don't think is safe.
I love to have fun like the other person & teach, but if we get someone hurt or killed it would be the worst thing happening to this find committee of CUB LOVER.
I noticed in a picture at Cecils that we have a young lad setting in the seat wandering what to do if you noticed that the shifter is to the left not in the middle like we would like it to be. I do like that this young man has his hands in his lap.
We all have started our cub's standing on the ground in front of the rear tires not a good thing if the shifter is not in the middle. If you do try this make sure the switch or key is in the OFF postion PLEASE. As well make sure NO ONE is in front or behind you when you seating in the seat to start the tractor the results will not be good trust me. I ALWAYS SAY clear then everyone around that tractor knows that someone is going to start that tractor. We need to teach each other especially the younger one's about shaking hands with the shifter to make sure it is in NEUTAL.
If this needs to be move to the main page & keep it here on the Safety site I dont have a problem with it.
Everyone has fun & goes home alive.

Re: Shaking hands

Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:45 pm

Personally, I think you're over thinking what should be an issue within every family that attends an event. Parents know what's best for their children and I would find it offensive that someone else thought they knew better.....but, that's just me. This is becoming learned behavior in our society thanks to a government that insists on telling us what's best for us. In this and lots of other situations, less is better. Craig

Re: Shaking hands

Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:24 am

Around here if you leave your tractor out of gear it will end up in the hollow. Always park in gear implements down.
Kids are safer on the drawbar if there is nothing behnd. If they fall off, they don't get run over.