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Have a safety tip you want to share? Did you or a friend learn it the hard way? Help someone else by posting your tips on tractor, farm, shop, lawn, garden, kitchen, etc., safety.

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Safety is an important and often overlooked topic. Make safety a part of your everyday life and let others know how much you care by making their lives safer too. Let the next generation of tractor enthusiasts benefit from your experience, and maybe save a life or appendages.
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Fire Safety (Reminder)

Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:51 pm

With the year getting started with cub fest I thought I would throw a safety reminder out there. I already have been to 1 CF & the family had fire extinguishers in their shop. I have noticed over the years that many of us don't have them in our shop for the shows. Hope many of you have them in your own shops? Rule of thumb 50 - 75 foot of travel in either direction to get to one despite how clutter your work area is mount about 3 - 5 foot off the floor PLEASE don't put them on the floor you won't find them when you need one. We need them out side as well. A 5 - 10 LB will do for most of us with an metal discharge head its easier to get recharged.
See everyone this season.

(If this needs moved Please do so.)
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