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Have a safety tip you want to share? Did you or a friend learn it the hard way? Help someone else by posting your tips on tractor, farm, shop, lawn, garden, kitchen, etc., safety.

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Safety is an important and often overlooked topic. Make safety a part of your everyday life and let others know how much you care by making their lives safer too. Let the next generation of tractor enthusiasts benefit from your experience, and maybe save a life or appendages.
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Circle of Safety Test and Profile Badge

Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:04 pm

Two years ago, we lost a valued member of FarmallCub.Com, Patrick Coxall, in a tragic tractor accident. Patrick Coxall Memorial
FarmallCub.Com always promotes the safe operation of tractors and equipment, at all times. If, by highlighting tractor safety on this site, we can prevent one accident, injury, or death, we have accomplished our goal.

The safe operation of older tractors and equipment has always been in the forefront as one of this sites goals. It is especially important now, as younger generations are acquiring these classic pieces of tractor treasure. They do not have the years of experience and knowledge that the older generation grew up with and often learned first hand. That is not to say that the older you are, the need for safety reminders is unnecessary -- often it's even more important as we grow comfortable with our skills and take unwarranted risks.

To encourage the safe operation of ALL tractors and equipment, FarmallCub.Com is proud to present the "Circle of Safety" test. The test consists of 30 random questions and a perfect score is the only passing score -- it only takes one mistake to have a life threatening accident. On successful completion of the test, an email will be sent, with your perfect score, to the administrator (Dennis) and he will place you in the Circle of Safety group and a special badge will be added to your online profile signifying that you passed the test and promise the Farmall Cub Community to practice safe operating procedures when operating tractors and equipment. (Please allow up to 24hrs for this to take effect.)

It is highly recommended that you read the following information and visit these sites before and during the test:

10commandments of tractor safety.pdf
(313.43 KiB) Downloaded 633 times

(2.08 MiB) Downloaded 427 times

National Ag Safety Database

If you are serious about the safe operation of your tractor(s), click this link to take the test now!

DISCLAIMER: Tractor Safety requires ongoing vigilance and is solely the responsibly of the owner/operator of the equipment. A simple test of your tractor and equipment safety knowledge is in no way a guarantee that you will never have an accident and FarmallCub.Com, admin, moderators and Cub Guides take no responsibility for ANY owner/operators actions that result in an accident, injury, or death -- if it doesn't "feel" safe, then it probably isn't.

(A special thanks to Jeff Silvey, Stanton, moderators and Cub Guides for helping test the test.)

Re: Circle of Safety Test and Profile Badge

Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:57 am

2/9/2012 -- 103 Members of the Circle of Safety award! THANK YOU for remembering safety, while having FUN with your Cubs.

Re: Circle of Safety Test and Profile Badge

Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:31 pm

2/21/2012 -- 139 Members of the Safety Circle Award! THANK YOU ALL!

Re: Circle of Safety Test and Profile Badge

Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:08 pm

3/26/2012 -- 145 Members of the Safety Circle Award! Thank you all. Have a safe spring / summer of fun and Fests.

Re: Circle of Safety Test and Profile Badge

Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:59 am

6/22/2012 -- 175 Members of the Circle of Safety Award!

Summer is here and there are a lot of outdoor activities for our Cubs and Cadets. Remember, passing a test is no guarantee that you will never have and accident. Staying alert and knowing the danger areas of equipment operation can help you reduce the possibility of accidents.

A recent and sad accident serves as a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong: http://www.farmallcub.com/dcms/?q=conte ... r-accident Our hearts go out to the family of this tragic accident victim.

Have a safe and fun summer,

Re: Circle of Safety Test and Profile Badge

Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:24 pm

10/25/2012 -- 229 Members of the Circle of Safety!

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to learn or refresh your tractor safety skills,

Re: Circle of Safety Test and Profile Badge

Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:47 am

7/15/2014 - 275 members of the Circle of Safety. THANK YOU to everyone that has taken the time to learn more about the safe operation of their tractors and equipment.
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