Blackbear hunting

Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:56 pm

I enjoy blackbear hunting more than any other hunting. Maybe its the danger of getting close to a big bruin that gets my blood flowing. Its fun just getting out and sitting letting the hours go by without a worry. My weapon of choice is my '94 Remington 700 in 338win mag with 225gr bullets. With its 4,000ft.lbs. @ the muzzle and at 200yds it still has 2,700ft.lbs. thats the muzzle energy of an '06 @ 200 yds. I never had to track a wounded bear yet, for some reason they go up in the air and slam down dead right on the spot. I like the quick clean kills. Bear hunting is awesome. Your in an apple orchard and the puke is still smoking your that close. The eat until they puke and then eat all over again trying to put on as much fat as they can for the winter. I let the little cubs go to grow into big bears. I see a lot of hunters harvest the smaller bears and sooner or later there will be no small bears to grow into big bears. Some hunting seasons i never fire a shot because i let the little guys pass by. I'm the type of hunter thats looking for that one big trophy.

Me and my older brother would feed the chipmunks 5th avenue candy bars too. They loved them.

Re: Blackbear hunting

Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:23 am

in northern pa. ,between mckean county and the allegheny forest where i hunted for bear . i always saw them during deer season but they had a way of disappearing during bear season. i've watched deer run away at there approach and return when they would move on. filled my tag that way. never got the bear though.

Re: Blackbear hunting

Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:30 am

Thru the many years of stalking them i finally figured it out you have to catch them when there going too and from the food source. Wether its apples or the blueberry patch. I try to catch them somewhere inbetween. Sometimes they have many exits too even rear exits out of the orchards. But you need to go in when its dark before first light. And stay in the evenings till dark to see them. Hearing them in the dark moving with us can surely test our nerves.

I have to admit i'm no chicken and i'm not afraid of anything on this planet. I got hung up in the very thick pines once with maybe a 10' shot if that. With something very big crashing branches going away from us. I realized my '06 wasn't really good for that up close personal work. I bumped up to the marlin 444 brush buster soon after for the thick woods. I liked the 3,000ft.lbs at the muzzle for those 10' shots. I like having a little more edge. In the more open country now i use a 338win.mag. this baby picks them right off there feet when i poke them. Plus my range is out to 500yds now too with no error(scope has BDC/AO. With its 4,000ft.lbs @ the muzzle and 2,700ft.lbs at 200yds is good because i'm not built for running nor speed anymore. :lol: :lol: :lol: