Getting ready to go fishing soon??

Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:58 pm

I'm itchin to go fishing already. Here's some of my tips;

Soon i'll empty out my tackle box and wash all my lures and my tackle box of all the foul oders so everything is squeeky clean for the spring fishing. I use scents on my lures so the tackle box can smell funky sometimes. This can also turn the fish off too. Just make sure everything is clean and dry before closing the tacklebox.

When out fishing in the rain i keep my tackle box shut as much as possible but some water will still get in it. When i get home i will keep my tackle box in the garage open so it can dry out. This prevents all the hooks on the lures from rusting too.

One more thing that can make the lure hooks rust is the salt on the plastics(worms/grubs ect). I try to keep the plastics away from my lures by using another tacklebox for only plastics.

Every year I try to learn a new lure and presentation too. On a slow day of fishing i like to just sit and practice with my presentations with certain lures to keep my edge. Using lures the speed to reel it in is one very important thing as well as a pause and the length of the pause too. Just try a pause and a twitch with a lure like a floating rapala. I like to use the floating rapala for top water action too. Its also one of my favorite lures at the crack of dawn too.

Its not luck in fishing its skill!!!!!! BB

Re: Getting ready to go fishing soon??

Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:20 pm

Need to get the outboard engines tuned up. Trot lines re rigged. Hooks sharpened. New line on fishing rods. New deep cycle trolling motor battery. Yup. Gotta get ready.