Re: What, no ammo?

Wed May 27, 2009 11:22 am

Everything has gone sky high since the scrap metal prices are up and the war is ongoing too. And to add the fear of another gun ban is making the gun and ammo buying panic we are seeing today.

I'm not sure what the future will hold for us but i figure i can put meat on the table with just a 22lr rifle or even a pellet gun. I also made the garden twice as big too just incase of a food shortage or the food prices go ballastic too.

Re: What, no ammo?

Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:01 am

Here's an idea;

Get your Federal firearms collectors license its called a C&RFFL03. Its a license for collecting curios & relics (surplus military rifles and handguns) and it only costs $30 for 3 years.

This license will give you discounts on ammo, gun accessories and reloading stuff at certain dealers on the net like at if your into gun collecting you can save more than $30 on your very first purchase. You can buy any C&R gun or handgun on the net and it gets delivered to your house from the internet dealers and the gun for sale / auction sites on the net.

One big plus to this is you can go to and purchase all your reloading needs at very affordable prices. I had a RCBS rockchucker reloading press for many years and i just purchased all my calibers in the affordable LEE brand. I purchased the LEE RGB 308 dies for $9 and ran 6,000rds of 308 thru them without a hitch. Lee also offers some awesome reloading tools too. There case trimmer can be driven from a battery operated drill. This speeds up the case trimming operation too. There little dipping cups using with the powder trickle can speed up loading the gun powder too. I use the dipper cup thats a tad under the load i'm using and then use the powder trickler to make it exactly the load i want. All 6,000 rds of my 308 is exactly the same match quality. At they have new brass for every caliber too. I been buying the Priv-Partizan ammo since its boxer primed loaded for around $12 a box and we get to shoot it once then reload it. The yugo brass is a high quality brass and can be reloaded many times. The wolf gold, FNM, priv-partizan and the igman ammo's are all made by Priv-partizan its all yugo brass.

Don't think the imported ammo like the Russian Wolf, the Priv-Partizan or Sellier & Bellot isn't accurate ammo just because its affordable. Just buy some and benchrest it.

I've done this for many years and have saved a bundle on everything. Its keeps us shooting and hunting at a very affordable price.

With ammo prices going up as we speak i guess its time to reload again. Reloading isn't cheap as it once was but were getting a better quality ammo.