Anybody watching the history channel on wenesday nites?

Thu May 21, 2009 7:03 pm

Is anybody following the BigFoot stories about the sightings on wenesday nites on the history channel?? Lastnite is was about the many encounters in Whitehall,Ny. I think with all the reports/sightings there has to be something to it.

Have you ever had any encounters in the wilds with something thats unknown?

I really don't think we are on the top of the food chain anymore too.

Please no jokes.

I have had some encounters in the wilds while cooking my famous bacon cheeseburgers but i never got to see what it was yet. I'm not sure what it is at my camp but it has a bone chilling scream that will start you thinking what the heck is it. My smoke from my woodstove goes well up and into the green mountain national forest for many miles. I noticed it while hunting way in the backwoods from my camp i could smell the wood burning in my woodstove. When i got closer on top of the mountain i could actually see my woodstove smoke comming up and over the mountain. I figure my smell from my cheeseburgers goes the same distance. Someday i'm going to cook a ham hock in an outdoor fire to see who comes for dindin. I also have mountainlions and blackbears nearby too i've seen them.

Re: Anybody watching the history channel on wenesday nites?

Tue May 26, 2009 7:27 am

That scream sounds like a mountain lion to me. My mom said when they were kids they used to hear them all the time and send shivers up there timbers. LOL She called them black panthers but I believe the DEC says no panthers just mountain lions.

I watch the monstor show or what ever its called, When there is something interesting on. The only problem is I have waqtched probly 20 shows and they have never really found what they are looking for except the giant hog I think.

Re: Anybody watching the history channel on wenesday nites?

Wed May 27, 2009 11:16 am

About 15 to 20 years ago me and my brother were way up into the national forest in VT walking were no man has ever been in a longtime. We were up in the higher elevations hunting blackbear when we came across a large cat track in the fresh fallen snow. I had one of those throwaway camera's and we placed a pack of cigarette's next to it to get an idea on the size of the cat track. Its a mountainlion track and in VT they call them catamounts. I always looked for tracks everytime we hunt anyway. Now as time went on and there population is growing at a very fast rate there comming into the low lands now looking for food. I've seen them at my camp and at the other side of the valley at night in my headlites. It appears to be at least between 180 to 200lbs. from what we saw it disappeared so quickly.
I didn't know they can scream like that. It sounds like someone being skinned alive. Now when i hunt i watch out for ambush points and over hanging ledges were they can attack us from now that i know they are there. I read an article the mountainlion are crossing from Canada into upper New York state and working there way south. There have been sightings in CT too. This is one very elusive animal to see. Seeing one is like impossible. I've seen the tracks for many years and finally got to see one. You need to be aware that they are there to avoid an attack. BB

Re: Anybody watching the history channel on wenesday nites?

Wed May 27, 2009 2:52 pm

One fall a few years ago I was hunting squirrels on farmland here in KY. I was walking along the edge of a mowed field all alone. Between me and the wood line was some very thick, unmowed vegitation maybe ten feet deep. I was just walking along scanning the trees for tree rats when something freeked out. It was up in a tree maybe 15 feet off the ground. It came CRASHING down the tree limbs to the ground making this blood curdling screem all the way. I can still remember how it scared me. I did not know if it was going to come at me through the thick stuff or go the other way...... luckly it went the other way into the woods. I never even got a glance at this thing and have no idea what it was. I have also never heard anything like it since. It was spooky :?

Re: Anybody watching the history channel on wenesday nites?

Sun May 31, 2009 9:42 am

Me and my brother were in the national forest in the very thick pines once while hunting blackbear. As we went in closer we startled something big. It was crashing thru the pine trees going away from us. If it can at us we maybe had a 6' to 10' shot if that. It could of been a moose or what ever. But i was glad at the time that it went away from us. After that I put my '06 in the gun safe and got a 338win.mag to hunt with. I'm not built for runnin nor speed.

Now at my camp is another story. I have the feeling i'm being watched all the time while on my land at my camp. When we go for hikes or hunting down the old loggin road something on the ridge high above us walks with us. I can hear the leaves and the branches breaking as it walks. When we stop it stops and when we start walking again it walks. No matter what time of day or night its there. Even on our midnight walks down the old road its still there with us. I put my rifle scope on 24x and scanned the ridge and mountain side to try to see it but i can't find it anywhere. I have no clue as to what it is but were being watched and its stalking us. My camp is away from all the other farms and i'm the last place that borders the national forest. My place is were all the action is. Its normal to hear deer, blackbear and moose comeby and the yotes run thru the valley during the night time.

Re: Anybody watching the history channel on wenesday nites?

Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:01 pm

When I was out west,backpacking in 1982,I was followed by a mountian lion[cougar,whatever].Scared the hell out of me!!I was packing alone on the John Muir Trail.Still sends shivers up my neck.Funny when the shoe is on the other foot.Stighted only a tail first time,then saw the whole cat.Neat as hell!!,also scary as hell.Came across some other hikers and stayed with them.Kevin :shock: :shock: