Turkish mouser

Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:08 pm

A friend gave me one that needed a bolt...since my cousin owns a gun shop I took it down....after finding a bolt and checking head space it was deemed to much money....So I bought one...I pick it up on the 8'th so I'll know more about it then...it appears to be un-fired, nice blonde stock..oh man what have I done....it will look good in the safe LOL
Robert (first 8mm) Miller

Re: Turkish mouser

Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:00 pm

Robert I have a Belgium Mauser re-rifled to 30-6 fiberglass impacted barrel custom stock and scoped out. It has reached out and touched many a deer for me. I hope you enjoy it. :big afro:

Re: Turkish mouser

Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:59 pm

Is it a '38 turkish 8mm mauser? A few years ago these were selling for just $36.95 at the wholesalers. This was my first purchase with my C&R FFL03 license back then. I still have it tucked away in the safe. They take the same bolt as the german 98k 8mm mausers.

The german 8mm rounds had more power over our 30-06's because of the gun powder the germans used back then too bad the gun powder is no longer manufactured. The orginal turkish 8mm rounds are very hot and should only be used in bolt action rifles because the gun powder they used is the wrong burn rate for the semi auto's. We do have a choice of new ammo which is either 150gr, 170gr or 196/200gr soft points. The PMC ammo which is 170gr is pretty accurate in the 8mm mausers. The accuracy is so good i don't need a scope at 100yds. At http://www.aimsurplus.com there offering the military surplus 8mm ammo manufactured by the romanians with free shipping. I believe its $199 for 680rds. There also offering the Prvi-Patizan soft point ammo thats 196gr for $12 a box of 20. I found the Prvi-Partizan ammo to have decent accuracy too plus its boxer primed so we can reload it. I also found there brass to be a quality brass too. I have some of the 8mm military surplus turkish ammo thats dated 1937 that still goes bang. These banderlero's sold at one time for just $4.95 for 70rds. and these were on stripper clips too.

I'm sure your hooked on the surplus military rifles by now??? If you are i would suggest getting your C&RFFL03 collectors license so you can buy off the net and it gets delivered to your door by ups. You can still get great buys on surplus military rifles and handguns right now. Just checkout the prices at aim surplus, allens armory, samco and sarco. You will get a dealers discount at http://www.midwayusa.com and at http://www.brownells.com too on accessories and ammo plus reloading equipment.

It only takes one surplus military rifle to get the disease. You can still get the cheap russian mosins and the ammo too right now. Aim has them for under $100 while there hitting $200 on gunbroker. Samco has some yugo mausers too in 8mm.

Re: Turkish mouser

Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:39 am

Cool ! The old mausers are really neat. Some of the commercial ammo can be a little pricey, depending on where you buy it. You can shoot much cheaper going the surplus ammo route. BigBill listed a few sites for you. I ordered some from ammunitiontogo.com not too long ago. Word of caution, if you don't already know - if you use surplus ammo in that mauser, clean it real well as soon as you can after shooting - those rounds are corrosive. Windex, boiling water, and a Hoppe's kit will clean it right up.

I was given a few of the Turk rounds that I've been waiting to try out. The Romanian rounds I bought have been awesome. These are some tough, neat old rifles that are an important part of history. I hope you enjoy it ! 8)

Re: Turkish mouser

Sat Jun 12, 2010 2:25 am

Is it a '38 turkish 8mm mauser? yes it is..

Finally got it home the other day.....I have to do some cleaning on it before taking it out...its not too bad but I figured taking it apart would help me familiarize myself with it...it is a very early SN...they have shooting clubs locally and looks like fun...I cant find my pictures I sent myself
Robert (brain is slow this week) Miller

Re: Turkish mouser

Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:53 am

I have an old German 8mm Mauser my Dad brought back form WW2. A cousin did Dad a favor and sporterized it many years ago, and it looks nice, but I wish it hadn't been done. Since my eyes are to the point I cannot see iron sights well enough to shoot very well, and cannot see the expense of drilling to mount a scope, bending bolt handle, etc. It just sets now. I do not even have any ammo for it.

Re: Turkish mouser

Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:14 pm

These are a lot of fun to plink with too. If you go to; http://www.samcoglobal.com/ I think there still offering the yugo 8mm mausers that were machined on the orginal german machine tools. Some of these are still in pristine condition. Samco has quite a listing on different mausers. BB

Tip; If your looking in pawn and gun shops for a used mauser in 8mm look for a yugo model 98. It will say "model 98" on the receiver rail along side the bolt on the left side rail. These were captured german 8mm mausers and the german markings were ground off and the yugo seal put on the receiver. Its a quality german 8mm mauser but you can buy it for a yugo mauser price. There are yugo model 24 8mm mausers that were refurbed in '47 thus model 24/47 then there were more refurbed in '52 so there 24/52, i believe some were marked 24/52c for some reason maybe the c means its the 3rd refurb?

Get yourself a box of sellier & bellot or prvi-partizan 8mm 196soft point ammo and take her out hunting for deer or bear.

Dam your making me want another one now.....

BTW; The older mausers the bores were a different size, some were .318" bore while the later ones were .323" bore and both were called 8mm. Besure on the older mausers to measure the bore to be sure.