2013 George Willer Award Nominations

Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:35 am

The time has come for nominations for the Fifth Annual George Willer Award!

To nominate a forum member for the 5th Annual George Willer Award:

Prepare a detailed list documenting the strengths of your nominee. Factors to consider could include mentoring ability, communication skills, willingness to work with others, leadership ability, ingenuity and other positive aspects of the nominee. Submissions may be provided at any time but must be received no later than February 1, 2013 to allow your nominee to be considered for the George Willer Award.

Examples for inclusion into the nomination write up could include, but not be limited to, the following:


1. "How To" demonstrations at Cubfests.
2. Video programs produced as teaching units.
3. Traditional "How To" written articles with picture illustrations.
4. Frequent and accurate responses to questions on forum.
5. Works at Cub meets to repair Cub components or as a team member converting non-runners into runners.
6. Other types of teaching exercises.


1. Hosting CubFests/assisting the host.
2. Contributing to Manual Site
3. Repairing Cub equipment at little or no expense to the owners beyond cost of shipping and cost of replacement parts.
4. Designing and providing Cub components.
5. Participating in Cub Express.
6. Other ways of providing service to members.

Previous winners of the Willer Award are: George Willer, Darrell (Bigdog) Ratliff, Cecil (Cecil) Diamond and Bill (Barnyard) Weisbrodt.

Please submit your nominations via P.M. to Cecil.

Please DO NOT reply to this thread with your nomination so the nomination does not get lost! Be sure to list not only the candidate, but also why you think that the nominee deserves to receive the award this year.

Nominations will be accepted until midnight on January 31st.

THANK YOU for making this possibly the best site on the internet!

Your 2013 George Willer Award Committee,
Darrell, Cecil Eugene, Jim, Mike & Bill