Member Garden's for 2010 Season(pics. & vids.)

Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:47 pm

It's time to start the new garden season!!!---EVERYBODY join in here and tell/show your stuff!!--plans?--like too's? etc.!! thanks; sonny
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Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season

Sat Jan 02, 2010 10:08 pm

Sonny: Our men's group at church tried to raise some produce as a fund raiser last year. We had 3 acres growing well. The cubs were keeping all the weeds at bay and then 7 inches of rain in 8 hrs. sorta wiped it out. But we are going to try again this year. I made a few new tools for the cubs to make all that work allot easier. They include hiller disc, a potato plow. We are up to 5 acres this year. Seat time, gotta love it. :D Planning on raising cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, sweet corn, green beans, potatoes, turnips, sweet potatoes and sweet peas. Of course I imagine we'll have to sample the fruits of our labor to make sure it's gooood! I got a new camera so I'll try to get pics of cubs in action. Greg

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season

Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:18 pm

WOW! GREG!!-- That sounds really great!---and since this is a season long project,-- keep the pics. coming as the garden progresses!
There are a lot of attachments that you can fabricate up for the cubs,---(at minimal cost), as I too have done,--- that will help a lot in the larger gardens!--(even make a few hand tools, like the special onion & close spaced plant hoe, etc. !

Put pics of your equipment in this thread too!---tell the fine folks how you do things in your area! thanks; sonny

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season

Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:30 pm

I actually have a few attachments for a cub cadet 106. I put a 3 pt hitch on it and rigged up 2 earthway planters for making 15 inch rows for carrots, radishes ect. works really good. Of course I have cultivators for the narrow rows too. Would they qualify for this post? We had our 1st meeting of the year to see how many men wanted to help. We have 8 so far..I'm feelin goooood about the upcoming season. :{_}: If anyone is interested, I'll post pics of how I hooked up the planters and disc hillers. Of course I always enjoy pics of others inventions..Greg

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season

Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:59 pm

GREG!!! Bring on EVERYTHING you guys are going to use in this venture!!!---the more the better!!!---Pics can sometimes help inspire others too!!
I use mostly homemade stuff to garden with here too!-- I made the tater planter that is pulled with the cadet 149 and cultivator for the 3-point (also homemade)on 1 of the cubs----also have a small David Bradley 6" plow bottom converted to the 3-pt, A 5' springtooth cultivator, a "try-it-and-see" hiller,( it works but has limited clearance ), 3-point single shank ripper, all for the cubs! did get a regular cub plow but needs some brackets fabed., also in the collection I found a near complete cultivator for a cub(thinking bout putting it on the 49 and just leave it on)

Also in the fleet is a homemade trailer that I pull mostly with the "butt buggy" (Toro-wheelhorse 266-H tractor with mower deck removed), I get to use a couple tillers every year in exchange for servicing and keeping them running for a non-mechanical friend! (works for both of us!)
IH 404-u tractor, IH 706 and a 3 year old King-Cutter tiller, 2-bottom (converted from pull to 3-pt) plow, BIG1-bottom homemade plow, 8' vibrashank field cultivator (cut down from 16' model)
This is part of the arsenal, may be overkill , but we have 5.5 acres here and I have been clearing it off as time/weather permits, so we probably are up to around 4 acres at this point!---Thats a lot of weeding!
We never had any luck with selling produce here, hard to get anyone to just come get it!!--BUT I want to plant plenty so we can get our quota for the winter, we can/freeze/ and
dry some, plus growing a few rows of chicken corn for the laying hens!

I didnt mean to ramble on, but this should give an idea of what can be done!---If you use it to garden with POST that dude here!LOL!!---(We dont care what color the equipment is either!)
Start putting up equipment pics. now! thanks ; sonny

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Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:27 pm

Sonny- First I'd like to honor God with all the help He gave us in acquiring all the equipment we have. It seems I always run into "real deals" on almost everything! An example is a 1 row transplanter that was totally free. God is goooood. :{_}: :{_}:
A few more items I have are..home made 6' field cultivator(made from wings off an 18' fc), a jd850(under 1000 hrs on),fertilizer spreader, 2 row jd 71 units(friend letting us use it for free)3 acres bottom ground(sandy soil=plant it early)free use from church member. 5' row cultivator for pumpkins or other viney crops..cost $10.00, an IH #10 manure spreader..uh that one wasn't cheap.. :lol: still works real good. I have a neighbor who raises cattle willing to provide "fill" material for it. And the list goes on.
I'm interested in potato harvesting equipment. I built the furrowing plow for cub, works nice, but could be better. Is there anything that will harvest carrots, sweet potato's, onions, radishes..all root crops??
Sonny, you memtioned having a little trouble selling your produce. We got hooked up with a CSA (county supplied ag). They seem to have an inside track for finding custermers. I'm very hopeful might also talk to supermarkets..there are a couple in my area that are willing to buy local veggies. Good Luck, and warm up your camera..Greg

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:46 am

Sonny, You mentioned a King Cutter. I have been looking at a new 48" for $1195. Do you think this is a good price? My main hesitation is would it be that much better than the disc harrow.

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season

Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:00 pm

Dan! the $1195 price for new 48" would be a fair deal in todays market!----Ours is a 72" and was $1195, BUT, that was the only one they had and it was a close-out from TSC 3 years ago and they had the 48" ones sitting right next to it full price and they were $1195 too!, the smaller ones seem more popular, but I wanted a big-un,--preferred an 84", but they never got anything that big in stock! I used mine on the IH 404-u for 2 years at half depth, but last year it went on the IH 706 and pulled the skids all the way up so it goes the max. 6" depth!(with 76 hp in front it throws some serious dirt) So far we had good luck with this 72 and it just does take out the rear tire tracks, so the bigger tractor has new duty!--- There are videos of my garden equipment on my u-tube site if anyone cares to have a look at them!

Greg! ---sounds like you have most everything planed out!--by all means get all of that "fill" that you can get!!!---thats goood stuff!
Onions are best pulled by hand, since they basicly sit on top of the ground!--unless you are doing green onions!( You can see the pics of how we do onions here.--check out the onion thread we did recently here in the garden section!)---Radishes are kinda the same way since they dont all mature at the same time!

The spud digger that I made would get deep enough to go under all root crops!,---might take a couple cubs hooked to pull deep enough to get carrots but digger will easy go deep enough to get them. (videos of this in action on u-tube and I think there are links on last year or the year before garden thread too)---I still need to modify it a bit and add a drag chain to move the dug material up and off the rod grates in the bottom of the digger.

My first shovel worked good too except the spuds were spread out too wide in the mounds, allowing LOTS of them to get cut, so I made the 30" wide unit in a hurry and it works in the white sweet potatoes that we have been growing here too.!
The shovel is mounted on a bar and rod wings added to the back side and out on an angle to help lift crops and knock off some of the dirt!, (this would work well for carrots and radishes, just go as deep as needed!)

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season

Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:20 pm

Here is the u-tube link to my channel!

You can see all of my vids. there!

Dan!!! I did forget to tell you that I like the tiller much better than a disk, I have a couple of them too,--the ground gets chopped up nicer making for better seedbed and allowing the rain to soak down quicker!---We have went back into the garden after a 1" downpour and worked in the dirt with no problems!---this may vary from one area/soil type to the next!

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:57 pm

I grew up in the city so dont have all that much farming experiance with a tractor. So I have many questions regarding the set up of the machine and the layout of the rows. I have got the typical tools to get me going-Cub,2 way plow,single plow, small disc harlow, 144 front and rear cultivators. I need to pick up a set of hilling disc but I do have the buzzard wings. So with my cub set up with 52" from outside to outside of the rears I guess thats where I start with the lay out. So that would leave me with about 30 to 32" for planting. Question for carots, Beets, and other small root plants do you plant a single row or double row within the 30"? Would it be easyier to manage and cultivate with a single row? Many more questions to follow.

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season

Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:52 pm

Wally!!--ask away with any questions that come to mind!!---It sounds like your wheels are set all the way in, as mine are.--next, the row width that seems to work good is 38"to 42" depending on type of crop and the bushiness of the plants. Slender plants can go lots closer than say tomatoes, potatoes, or vine crops.---I have tried onions in multi-rows (beds), but they are a lot more time consuming to weed/hoe, as they about have to be worked by hand!--single rows will still need hand weeding or chemical use( I use organic based chems.) to help keep the rows clean. The cub cultivator (144, I think thats what I just got ),--has a varied amount of factory options, as well as a whole boatload of ideas that you can conjer up and install on the unit, making for a lot of uses.--Mine came with a whole set of the narrow spring sweeps, and you may be able to space multi. rows so that you can carefully do several at the time on a single pass over each bed.--dont go too deep or you will damage the shallow roots if you are running really close rows.
The time I did the onion bed, I stagger planted each row to give plants more room to expand ( we mostly grow big sweet onions softball size ,or larger and they need a lot of room).
carrots radishes, lettuce, etc. should do well in wide (bed) config.

I only do single rows now and have for over 30 years,--always have good luck with them.

This is my main weeder!Image

looks crude but with a bad spine I have to lay/sit a lot and I devised this thing to help!---It is a lifesaver and I could not garden without it!!--I can straddle one row and weed/cultivate with small hand tools.--smaller tiller gets the middles for me. thanks; sonny

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season

Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:04 pm

Here is a pic from last year when we planted onion plants!


The ground was deep ripped, fall plowed, and 1 pass with the 706 and the big tiller last spring.
This is the big onions in later posts/pics from last year!---also you can see how the creeper fits the onion rows,---later as they grew I didnt have room to get down the rows without breaking off leaves, and its best not break onion leaves off! thanks; sonny

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season(pics. & vids.)

Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:31 pm

My garden is asleep under a foot of snow. :D

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:36 pm

Sonny- I just looked at many of your vids! You have done a mighty fine job on those pieces of equipment. I especially like your tator planter. :{_}: :applause: I use the transplanter with the chain mechanism off of it. Worked real good for me. I never could quite see how you raised your planter tho. Is it hydraulic or trip? Greg

Re: Member Garden's for 2010 Season(pics. & vids.)

Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:45 pm

At the present time I have to raise it by hand at the end of the row to turn around!--never got to finish it up with a lift of any kind,---I made it in 18 hours, so it is extreemly crude! Virginia rides on it and has a pan of seed pieces on the front tray while I pull it real slow with the ole cadet 147 hydro drive tractor and she drops a piece every 8" behind the front v-shovel, which is adjustable for depth! ( she got good at the even spacing too), the IH disk hillers that stick out the rear cover the rows and it only takes a few mins. to plant a quarter acre of spuds with it!
I found that I didnt need the row marker,--just put the wheel in the same track that it came down on the last row!--works great and has about the right amount of dirt to have some to hill with as they grow!(I think the rows may be about 48" apart, BUT its just right).

Don!!! We dont have a foot, but maybe 5" or so BUT we got zero and below temps, plus the windchill so its mighty nasty out there! thanks; sonny