It's getting harder to buy Urea 46-0-0

Sat Jun 10, 2006 11:19 pm

for the first time ever, I had to have my driver's liscence photocopied and sign a book to buy a ton of Urea/Ammonium Nitrate 46-0-0 fertilizer. I know the guys at the feed mill pretty well, and they know me, but I guess their parent company now requires documentation on all persons who purchase the stuff.

This is getting sad. I had to spend $200 and 3 weeks in night classes to get a spraying liscence for atrazene and some other "controlled" herbicides. I am not allowed to keep anahydrous anymore. Now, if I want to buy nitrate fertilizer, I have to be "put in the system."

Is if it wasn't bad enough that someone stole my cultivator parts I had piled up(didn't notice until I went to use the cultivator), now I am being watched by big brother. Heaven forbid someone steal my fertilizer before I get a chance to put it on. I would be put in jail for letting it get stolen.

Anyone else side dress their corn with urea? It really makes a huge difference in the ear count per stock. I got over 200 dozen out of an acre of pampered silver queen last year. We have also gotten 210 bushel per acre field corn a few years. It is nice to have it come in that thick, but it is soo hard on the old combine! For what it costs in parts to fix the combine, we loose all the extra money from the bumper crop of corn.

Sun Jun 11, 2006 8:56 am

It's not the parent company, due to some making explosives from it, all bulk purchases of nitrogen fertilizer now must be recorded that way.

Mon Jun 12, 2006 12:49 am

Is it law now? This is getting rediculous.

Sure, the oklahoma bombing was a tradegy, and I feel bad about it, but, for us tha thave been buying teh stuff for year snad years, why make us register?

I do know the power of the stuff though. I used it in plastic sandwich bags, with zambelli's fuse to knock a few stumps loose, but I'd never imagine any one would use a full ton to blow something up. I spent so much on my corn, that I am very very watchful of my fertilizer. That stuff is pellitized gold to me. For what it costs, I probably could have planted up another 10 acres in field corn.

Anyone do field corn? What type of combine are you using? I have an old Gleaner F to do my dirty work. I am not very fond of the machine, but I did add A/C from a 1987 dodge aries to make it more bearable.

If anyone is interested on doing the a/c system, let me know, I'll walk yo uthrough the set-up. I get spoiled running it with a/c. when I open teh cab door, I can't believe the diference in air temp and humidity outside.

Tue Jun 13, 2006 7:21 am

not only the explosives, but the chemicals used to make methamphetamine are in commonly used ag products. and farms tend to be easy targets for em. you'd ber surprised the stories i hear.