Specific Ways to Cut One's Grass

Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:31 pm

Yup.. we all know what is meant by mowing the lawn, or getting your lawn mowed, or wanting to Mow That Lawn :!: :wink: :D But the question I have is what is behind all this controversy about how to properly mow one's lawn.

This was brought up to me by a friends wife who came over and saw my lawn just after I finished mowing. She noted that I was not one of them circle guys who just goes around and around... :!: And that I mowed somewhat correctly.. almost in a Cross-Hatched Tartan pattern.. Herringbone or what have you...

Like what is the big deal about mowing at 45 degrees across one's lawn for the whole lawn and then at the opposing 45 degrees for the whole lawn... :? :shock: :roll: :?: :?:

When you have as much grass as I have, I cannot see how it matters. All I care about is not so much nap, but thatch.. or even training the grass to grow one way only. I have lots of fruit trees, grape vines and flower beds not to mention my Pine Trees, Maples, Birches and my gardens.. so I mow around these items.. most of which are circular, semi-circular or ellipses, some are ovoids and some are more rectangular.. but I mow around them.. 3 or 4 passes or more depending onw how I feel. Then I edge etc., and such. Next time I do it, I may, repeat may.. run in the opposite direction.. but that may or may not occur.. again depends how I feel.


And no.. this isn't a pooh raising post.. it actually is a real question.. Enquiring Minds need to know.. :!: :D

Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:36 pm

ME thinks the lady has too much time on her hands and I am wondering aboot you.

Sat Jun 16, 2007 4:32 pm


You asked, so here goes!

One reason to alter your mowing pattern is simply cosmetic. It looks different (some would say better)!

Another reason, much more important, is that by altering your mowing patter you do not concentrate soil compaction in the same place time after time after time. I have one small area of my lawn, that due to the size and shape of both the lawn and my mower, that requires me to travel in the same pattern each time. I can easily pick out the tracks my CC1450 leaves, at any time of the year, provided there is no snow cover. By mowing in at least 4 different patterns, you reduce the negative impacts of soil compaction.

Finally, you mentioned thatch buildup. From one of my trusty Ohio State University Extension FactSheets, I quote,
In fact, grass clippings contain valuable nutrients that can generate up to 25 percent of your lawn's total fertilizer needs. A hundred pounds of grass clippings can generate and recycle as much as three to four pounds of nitrogen, one-half to one pound of phosphorus, and two to three pounds of potassium back to the lawn. These are the three most important nutrients needed by lawns and commonly supplied in lawn fertilizers. The other good news is that grass clippings do not contribute to thatch (an organic debris layer between the soil and live grass) since grass clippings are 75-85 percent water and decompose readily.

One more thing, for a healthy lawn - when mowing, do not remove more that one third of the leaf blade.

Enjoy Rudi!


Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:47 pm


I agree with you 100%. Those are all reasons why I do not vaccum my lawn.. I do not pick up clippings, but remow em.. I let them decompose on the lawn. People ask me what I do to keep my lawns full and green.. I tell em nothing but leave my clippings on the lawn. I also ensure that the grass blades remain about 1-1/2" to 2" in length. I do not like short grass as it turns brown way too fast.. and you actually hurt the grass when you cut it too close to the ground. I dislike scalping as well, which is the 2nd reason why I roll my lawn in the spring -- the 1st reason is to get rid of the frost heaves and mole tracks..

I also will collect my clippings when I am reseeding or seeding a new patch of lawn or green area ... and use that as seed cover to help germinate... that kind of thing. I let it sit in the trailer for a bit.. let it get hot and start to work, then spread it right on top of the seeds about 1/8" thick. Keeps the birds off the seed too.

But I guess my question is in relation to why people do this stuff with the patterns and then insist it is the only way.. a lot of misinformation or old wive's tales floating around about stuff like that.

Sat Jun 16, 2007 11:46 pm


When I laid out our place I didn't forsee the doctors telling my to not ride on tractors. I mowed for years with a 6' belly mower without live PTO. It worked fine since once I let the clutch and got the mower spinning I rarely stopped since I had eliminated all the blind corners. There is a red gum tree strategically planted in the center of the largest area, so starting there and mowing outward gets it done efficiently. All other landscaping is outside the circle and will eventually be allowed to go back to the wildlife.

Our grandson who's been doing the mowing will leave for college soon so Marilyn and I will have to manage.

I'm sure you can find our place in this satelite image. :D


Sun Jun 17, 2007 1:08 am

Years past I would p-u grass clippings to put in garden to keep weeds down!!Now I cultivate and let the grass clippings lay.We have neighbors that have big yards and manicured lawns.If you have the time [or money to pay for]They look great!!!!!I live in a old farm house [1860] and just keep up on keeping it cut.I like a Thursday cut so I'm no cutting on the weekend.Execpt next two weeks I'm gone thursday for tractor events.Can't wait !!!!!Kevin nice pic George of the homestead

Sun Jun 17, 2007 8:03 am


Well.. that is a nice shot of the house :!: :D I likes it.. wow.. what a nice piece of property. Well laid out, and very neat. And I see the gum tree.

I am assuming you saved the pic in the raw form then renamed to .jpg for posting? I should do the same for mine.. I just might.

I feel for you my friend.. I truly do. I find that not only is mowing the grass relaxing, it is my private time to think, not think, meditate, not meditate.. do what I wish. Sometimes it is just to recite Mass.. and sometimes I listen to my tunes... and sometimes I just listen to the sound of my tractors.. all in all, some of the most relaxing time I get. I do hope and pray that thing will get easier and you may be able to resume some of those simple pleasures as your health improves. Our prayers are constantly with you and Marilyn.

Kevin, I agree.. no need for fancy smancy.. just keep it neat and pretty and all is well with the world. :!: :wink: :D

Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:11 am

Since i finally setup my INT154 cub with its 3260 deck correctly with a new front roller and added rear deck wheels I'm finally getting a golf course mowed finish on my lawn now. Now my point is I mow in one big continous circle all the time but i have noticed if i crosscut again after making one pass it looks even better. Its like honing hatch pattern and my lawn has the perfect crew cut look to it too.

Keep the shiney side up and the blades sharp too!!!!! I'm with you on this one!!!!

I just put down some fertilizer and some kentucky blue to start my reseed program since i have the INT 154 cub to mow with now. This fall as soon as the grass dies its going to get a ground up compost treatment too. I'm looking for that perfect kentucky blue lawn now.

I watch so many use chemicals to treat dandallions when all you have to do is to use grass seed and drive them out with grass!!!!!

I cut my grass two or three times a week now. It takes me 60 minutes with my cub cadet 122 or 35 minutes with my int154 cub. When my fruit trees/ forest trees finally grow my 122 will be used for trimming.
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Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:13 am


I don't believe your explanation about non-stop mowing for one minute. Do you realize there is a crop circle with a biological antenna in the center directly behind your house??? Perhaps this unusual feature is a supernatural phenonemum marking the known center of the Cub universe. Besides, the last several nights I see the cresent shaped light in the western sky last night and it slowly heads towards Ohio as the night wears on. Last night, the light was twice as big as the night before - what does that mean? Shhh, do you hear the voices - what are they trying to say????

Sorry, my tin foil cap slipped off. Mowing in circles sure is easier than trying to mow a triangle.


Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:18 am

Mowing with my cub/cub cadets is like motorcycle riding its the bonding of man with the machine.

Thu Jun 21, 2007 9:32 am


I had forgotten that these were uploaded to the server a couple of years ago. This is a pic of the yard with the resolution set ar approximately 1300 feet. Not too shabby. My yard is the one with the kidney shaped water hole..... it is a narrow strip.. 1 acre wide, but it is almost a mile long.

As you can see we have been doing some landscaping. Since that time much of it has been greened over, the brook now has many Brookies returning to it yearly and we think there has been a spawn or two.. which makes me happy. I have been trying to bring this section of the brook back to a viable fish habitat for 15 years now.. we might be succeeding a bit..


At about 600 foot resolution, you can clearly see the dock and the old fountain. It is pretty amazing what sat cams can do these days. I used to be totally impressed with KeyHole and BigBird shots.. but for civilian remote spacial based mapping, this is pretty amazing.


One can almost see the Brook and Rainbow jumping Image

Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:02 pm

I don't really worry too much about mowing patterns, this was my place last summer, and if we don't get some rain will be again soon.Image

Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:25 pm

Man, I just don't get it. I'm not getting any younger, so I keep thinking of an easier way to do things. Mowing grass is one of them.

This is where I grew up. The large body of water is my favorite fishing hole. I try to go home to visit as much as I can to go fishing with my Dad, and the nephews. Back when I was a kid, I push mowed the entire yard. Now of course, my Dad uses a finish mower.


I now have about 5 acres, my place is the one with large white roofed barn behind it, and I try my best to not have to mow every week. And here I'm thinking of building a new home up at the in-laws farm and have 60-100 acres to tend to :?:


Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:57 pm

Rudi wrote
..... it is a narrow strip.. 1 acre wide, but it is almost a mile long.

Ok Rudi, educate this farm boy. "1 acre wide" :?: :?: Acre (or hectare) is a measure of area, so how does one measure "1 acre wide?" :?: :?: :? :?


Thu Jun 21, 2007 10:10 pm


Yup, you are correct :oops: .. but it is how people here measure the width when describing a parcel.. not exactly correct, but works for em.. I just sort of picked up the practice even though it is not exactly correct.... :roll: I think the property is approx 216x4864 thereyabouts.. almost a mile long.