BOB needs a home

Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:10 am

BOB is the Husky we rescued off the interstate back in APril. He doesnt get along with our other dog that we have had for 13 yrs. So BOB has to go. He is a great dog. Loves kids. Still puppyish. 1-2 yrs old. 1/2 blue 1/2 brown eyes. Loves to go for car rides. Loves to play with large balls. Male. Husky. possibly a touch of german shepard in the right light you can see a touch of red or brown. I really dont want to have to take him to the pound. Doesnt wander far from food dish. Great dog. If he got along with my other male i would keep him. He is great. I have heard him bark twice since april.

We are getting a new samoyed puppy this month, and dont really want three males around the house.

more here ... -%20Husky/

send me a PM.