Tractors and ham radio

Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:18 am

I posted a question on YT mag forums to get an idea of how many tractor guys are also ham radio operators. I would like to ask the question here so I can get a list going. I would like to set up a net for the winter months.
Rotating net control, 40 meter, 20 meter and 75 meter maybe?
Please post back here your location, call sign and 1st name. Then if you could email me also, then I can compile a list.
Thanks to all in advance.
Mark, AB8MS, Sparta, Michigan

Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:27 am


Here's a particial list, here's a link to one that Rudi posted a few months ago. There are many uf us here on the forum. ... =ham+radio

And mine neat video clip I found. ... =ham+radio

I am not aware of any net set up, but it would be kewl. I manily stay in 29.600 FM, but would consider sliding on over to SSB someplace. You get it set up and let us know the GMT and frequency, in the "general" class license.

73 De John N9GWV & GMRS WPXA944
Quincy, IL
Grid square EM49hw

Sat Oct 22, 2005 11:38 am

Ok, Rudi, didn't mean to step on your toes with the question. However, if I can compile a list, maybe we can start a tractor net. I used to be on one when I drove truck over the road. It was on 3.913 LSB. It really started as a joke by a couple of the old timers on that freq. because guys kept asking how my latest tractor project was coming or where the next show would be. So they were really making fun of my hobby and it back fired.
Let me know and I will start thinking about what and where if you are interested.
Mark, AB8MS

Sat Oct 22, 2005 3:04 pm


Nope, not steppin on no toes..... it was curiosity period. I have not been active in a few years. Mostly due to health reasons and the fact that I cannot with my health issues repair the damage from the ice storms and wind to my antenna farm.

I actually started checking my qsl cards and have realized that I have been a little lax over the last few years. I think a number of people will be surprised to see some very special qsl cards in the bureau soon.

I also was an avid IOTA, USIA and CISA Island Chaser... and have actually activated a few "new ones" myself. I would like to get active again on that front as well. We have tons of islands yet to activate.

I guess it is time to fire up the 486 and start playing with the logs again. Hopefully my Brother-in-law and I can get some of my antennas repaired before winter this year, but it will be a few more weeks yet. Leg has to heal first.

GD and 73's ar va e e de VE9RHS (advanced) ex VE1RHS and VE3NVQ. Also pri op at VE8RCS and VE8CFS years ago.

Sun Oct 23, 2005 8:52 am

I hunt special event stations and am also an avid DXer. I have a whole 3 ring binder full of certificates. I go after the plow days mainly. I have a DXCC award on the wall too,
My rotator is shot and I have a new one to put up but I am not fond of climbing. I have a 80 foot tower with a tri bander, a 13B2 for 2m SSB , a Station Master for my 70cm repeater and a 310 foot Windom all on that tower.
However, ham radio has taken a back seat to all the other projects. I curently am putting a 53 Cub back together that I bought as a basket case. Should have it running today. I have a John Deere H in the garage that has been ongoing for several years and I just picked up another John deere model 70 lawn and garden that needs going through. After all those, I need to get the D and the LA back in to go over them after 2 show seasons.
I shouldn't even be on here right now as I have other things to do.
Mark, AB8MS, extra class

Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:29 am

I just rag chew a lot, no chasing. Have a Mosley RV-8 in the back yard connected to a Kenwood TS-520.

Mike, N6HVP

Sun Oct 23, 2005 12:07 pm

I am the same way as Mike. I like to ragchew on 10 meters, especailly FM. I guess I have gotton to spolied with the clarity of FM. I don't have much on lines of radios any longer.

I sold my Icom 740 (BIG MISTAKE) to buy an Icom 706 MK II G it shortly died there after on three bands, so I now have a Kenwood TS450S and a drivern element from a Mosley classic 33 and a traped verticle, when it works. AND it's been so long since I have had it on, that I'll have to read the book again to figure out how to operate it and then figure out what bands I can still operate at. I don't have much use for local two meter FM use, getting to be to many idiots getting licensed, kinda like another band I left years ago. :wink:

But I would be more than happy to get on 75/80 meters for some fun too I use to love listening to Ronnie Milsap and his little click on 3.898 I think it was. I use to listen to them all of the time. I have a was listening to them one night and I have never laugh so hard. :lol: :lol: :lol: Of course they ALL come on booming in 120 PLUS over S-9, with their mega-watt amplifiers and 10,000 dollar antenna farms.

Sun Oct 23, 2005 6:53 pm

I used to play with the Geratol Net... WAS on 80m -- #1847, and of course the 2/80 Award on 80m as well. I like rag chewing on 80 especially with some of me chums from the DX windows... when HF is lousy, 80 usually booms. Working Hawaii and Alaska on 80 is a real challenge in the bottom of the cycle too :? :roll: :!:

Ronnie Milsap and a few of the others I have heard on occassion and I even heard some of the other big names including King Hussein. Almost got one of his QSL cards... but he mistook my 9 call for an 8 call and I couldn't get through the pileup again.. Darn, that was a sweet one. We used to work His Highness and Queen Noor all the time from Alert, he always checked in with us on a regular basis. Very much the gentleman he was. His son is also a Ham op and he as well is a gentleman.

I have a Thunderbird TH33-DX at 60 feet there abouts, a military all band vertical and a bunch of dipoles that are in dire need of a rebuild. The TH33 needs an element repaired, but I can't climb anymore either, even without the broken leg...

Mon Oct 31, 2005 12:37 pm

N7LRG here. I run a Kenwood TS-440s, TL-922 amp. I have 2 antennas up currently. My vertical is a Cushcraft R-7 up about 40 feet. My other antenna is a G5RV up about 60 feet. I hang out alot on 17m but when propogation is good I have fun on 29.6 FM. I will be upgrading my coax to the G5RV so I can use the amplifier, hopefully soon.