The Price of Fuel Oil!

Tue Nov 29, 2005 9:47 am

My fuel oil tank used for home heating was filled the other day. I expected a lower price due to the drop in gasoline. No way! I was charged $2.23/ gal of #2 heating oil. 180 gallons cost over $400.00. I try to understand this global economy, supply and demand, futures market, etc. I try to think that the innocent oil companies are just trying to make a profit for their shareholders. :roll: Bottom line is that I think the American public is getting screwed. The freight companies can ease their pain by tacking on a surcharge. But what about the independents? I understand that we can't always have everything we want, but the politicians seem to not be accountable for their actions. They worry about something lying about a crime they didn't commit, and people really think that we are jamming bamboo shoots up terrorist's fingernails to get them to talk. I was in Vietnam. I know that GI's can get hardened from what they see. They had better start focusing on the important issue: EDUCATION, affordable health care, and last but certainly not least, the status of the Iraqi war! We are basically a good people. And it's jealousy and envy that causes much of the world to criticize our motives. WAIT! I'm off point here. It's obvious to me that we live in a soap opera-reality show world. But I'm going to write my congressman to let them know how I feel. I might just copy and paste this rambling. I feel better now. This is the best and only forum that I respond to. God bless this forum and God Bless America!!! Larry

Tue Nov 29, 2005 11:33 am

My house is heated with natural gas and the price has jumped alot since last year, and i belive that the explanation I read in the news is a bunch of bs. I have been paying more on my gas bill over the summer when I could so when the first real winter gas bill came I wouldnt have a damn heart attack! I am looking for another alternative fuel furnace, I really like the corn stoves.

Tue Nov 29, 2005 1:34 pm

Coal is probably the cheapest way to heat unless you have access to free wood.

Tue Nov 29, 2005 2:05 pm

electric heat here. set at 65 permanent. cover with blankets. and keep the fire place going full bore most of the day. ceiling fans distribute the heat throughout most of the house fairly well. otherwise the family room would get way to hot.

now the wood shop is currently keosene heat, $5.50 a gallon now adays, and that hurts. a gallon does last me about a day. only using the shop 3 days a week currently. may have to go with wood heat in there too. but dont want to give up that much space for a wood furnace. space or money, the delima now.