Problems With 1993-1996 Dodge Trucks

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Problems With 1993-1996 Dodge Trucks

Postby Brent » Fri Mar 26, 2004 10:06 am

:( If any of you have a Dodge truck 1993-1996 with the Cummins diesel you might be interested in this. It just happened to me. Apparently the alignment pin that aligns the timing gear housing with the front of the engine block can work its way forward enough to come in contact with one of the timing gears. When that happens, it shears the alignment pin off and leaves a nice hole in the timing gear housing, causing a major oil leak. I never heard it happen just noticed it started leaking oil. To make a long story short it's an expensive repair. Turns out that because the timing gear on the camshaft is pressed on they have to pull the camshaft out before they can replace the housing. That requires removing the front end of the truck. Parts were $405.00, labor was $1800. To prevent it from happening to you have your local Cummins mechanic check it out or if you can do it yourself, remove the timing gear cover. The alignment pin hole in the timing gear HOUSING is on the left hand side of the housing about half way down. If it is starting to work its way out you can see the end of the pin. You can either pound it back in and check it in another 50,000 miles or make a tab that will cover the pin hole and bolt it to the mounting bolt just below or beside the pin hole. Naturally you'll have to replace the existing bolt with a longer one. I haven't actually seen this fix but a freind of mine said he fixed his that way. If you can work the pin out you could also rough it up and use locktight then pound it back in.
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Michael Az
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Postby Michael Az » Sun Mar 28, 2004 12:59 pm

Hi Brent
Yes, a problem I know about. I have never found a pin that has come out, but several that have worked their way out some. The problem affects all twelve valve engines. The problem was taken care of in the 24 valves, but the 12 valve inner cover was also used in the first 98's until they were all used up so this leaves all the 98's suspect also. Many times the pin will fall down and not go through the gear train and it is a shame this didn't happen to your truck. If you hear of this again happening to somebodys truck, a Cummins shop can remove the cam gear and replace it without removing the cam saving a lot of labor. I use the tab fix currently, but I do have blueprints of a jig I need to build sometime that allows a hole to be drilled and tapped through the inner cover and a long 1/4" X 20 tpi bolt inserted in the cover. The bolt extends over the pin and prevents it from comming out. Much faster fix. Before I place the tab over the pin, I drive the pin below the surface and then give the metal surrounding the hole some good taps with a ballpien hammer to displace metal into the hole which also blocks the pin. This is how Cummins fixed the problems with the new covers. What year is your truck? Mine is a 94 that I bought new. My truck dynoed 403 hp to the ground and boy is it fun to drive! If you have any other problems with your truck, send me an email.

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