Fri Oct 22, 2004 7:40 pm

Good Stuff biscuits :lol:

Fri Oct 22, 2004 8:13 pm

Whip me some bacon and some beans to go with those biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sun Oct 24, 2004 12:55 pm

I saw a report on the Food Network about a restaurant in the north serving grits with catfish :!: :shock:

I am 100% southern and I do not eat grits....not even with catfish :!: :wink:

Sun Oct 24, 2004 12:58 pm

Got one just like that on castleton Ave on Staten Island. My wife looked at the list and said that it was me except for the Yu all.

Sun Oct 24, 2004 1:53 pm

Cub-Bud wrote:I saw a report on the Food Network about a restaurant in the north serving grits with catfish :!: :shock:

I am 100% southern and I do not eat grits....not even with catfish :!: :wink:


I eat catfish whenever I can, but I may never eat grits again... if I can help it. Kinda reminds me of that stuff I went all the way to Hawaii to eat, poi. Neither is fit for man nor beast. :shock:

Sun Oct 24, 2004 3:22 pm

If ya like cornbread, ya should like grits. All grits is is the heart of a colonel of corn. Grits can be cooked wrong though. Rule of thumb, if you can eat them with a fork, they are cooked wrong. When I was growing up, we seasoned them hog lard. I now use butter, salt, and pepper. My wife will buy a Ham and slice it real thin and fry it down and serve with grits and biccuits and I have a hard time moving the rest of the day. My two squirells must like grits too, because all they will eat of a colonel of corn is the very heart of it. ( grits )

Mon Oct 25, 2004 7:38 am

:{_}: Mey sha' all dis talk bout food is makin dis Southern Coonass hungry!!
Reckin I'll be needin to whip me up a batch of good ole shrimp okra gumbo and chicken and sausage jambalaya( or like I say,Jump IN DA Bayou) :)
Those cresaunts look great, but I like my Beignets mo better.
Especially when they are stuffed with a crawfish,crabmeat,and cheese sauce. SLOWLY fried to perfection!!!

If any of you folks are interested in sum GOOD crawfish when the season starts around Mardi Gras,we have a place in town that is awesome,and there is a mailbox express across the street that will ship cold goods for a great price..
Fed Ex P1 You will have them on your front door(unless you live out in the sticks) by 1200 next day ready to eat cold!!

I went to Savannah GA for 4 weeks for work,and couldn't stand being away from Good ole South LA crawfish for that long.

My dad boiled up a batch and sent them to me.

Next day,me and the other guys really tore into them.

Cold,Never frozen,crawfish are better than any crawfish that was frozen!!!
Also, Fried eggs and left over rice is one of my favorites!!

Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:59 pm

"If ya like cornbread, ya should like grits".

Merlin, I do like cornbread....buttermilk cornbread (with bacon drippings) cooked in a black skillet on the stove top first, then baked. :D

"Good Stuff biscuits".

Hey Jim, Those biscuits look real good....I see the butter but I don't see the sorghum molasses or the pure honey.

"I eat catfish whenever I can."

George, I eat catfish every week or so. If you ever get down this way, I'll treat you to some great catfish.

Tue Oct 26, 2004 1:17 pm


I was born and raised on Grits. I had Eggs Bacon Grits home made biscuits every morning. I also have a understnding of all the outhe things on your first post. but I would like to add one more, we know the difference between up the road or down the road.

Fri Nov 05, 2004 8:09 pm

Hey Jim,

War Plaars is what us suthernurnes use to cut that thar bob war with.

You know all suthernurnes are hard of hearing because we all say yall
come back now, yall hear!

And stump yo toe is what happens when food is too salty.

George, I have a good friend who likes corn and homminy but does not
like grits/ Go figure.