'Country' Elliott's NEW Tennessee Sun-Dried Possum.

Tue Jan 04, 2005 4:28 am

Well friends and neighbors...It was just a matter of time before Ol' Country got talked into this "new business venture" (by a city slicker from Knoxville). :lol:

Folks have been beggin' for the rescipe...callin' at all hours of the day & night...they just cain't seem to git enough Possum...sooooo "INTRODUCIN' COUNTRY ELLIOTT'S TENNESSEE SUN-DRIED POSSUM (in a CAN!). :D

Like the lable says: "Down Home Flavor Y'all Can't Beat With A Stick" :wink:

CONTENTS: "Pure Tennessee Possum, Aged & Sun Died Fror Only 3 Days On I-75 Near Knoxville, Tenn."

AND...I threw in my SERVING SUGGESTIONS too: "Spread Freely On Country Crackers Or Biscuits. Goes GREAT with an RC Cola And A Moon Pie"

So far only Bubba's Country Corner Store has picked up on it...BUT, I expect it won't be long before I git a phone call from the buyers at Kroger & Piggly Wiggly!!! You just can't keep it a secret, once the word gits out! :wink:

See it at...http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?c=gt51r5i.12hwwe2q&x=O&h=1&y-57w2r2

Tue Jan 04, 2005 6:28 am

Dang Had torrable nothing with that link. Was looking fwd to possom and corn bread with grits. Wash er down with a little shine and branch water.


Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:02 am

:lol: Hey Country you old possum scraper. Somebody stole yer possum chow picture to market it before you do. Ya suppose Piggly~Wiggly is pullin a fast one on you?. Here is results I get from the URL you supplied.

Album Not Found

We're sorry, but the online album you're looking for is unavailable. The owner may have deleted the album after sharing it with you, or the link you used may be incorrect.
To view the album, please contact the person who originally shared the album with you and ask them to share it again.

Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:22 am

Hey Country, I fixed the link for you but, no possum. :shock: You know us Mississippi boys love a good possum cookin'. :wink:

Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:52 am

Well, well, well! There I was lickin' my chops and THERE'S NO POSSUM!!!! :D :D :D

A very cruel and mean trick to pull on your friends! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Country! Country! Country! What am I going to do with you???? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Tue Jan 04, 2005 9:01 am

Bigdog. There's one out front of my house on the road. I have an extra Honeybaked Ham box. I could ship it out today for you.

Tue Jan 04, 2005 9:24 am

"I have an extra Honeybaked Ham box. I could ship it out today for you."

I hope you are not thinking of packin' that possum on dry ice before shipping it. :shock: That will just ruin it :!:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Tue Jan 04, 2005 9:58 am

CB - There's a bit of an inside joke here. I guess you had to be there!

BTW - in case anyone is interested - Honey Baked Ham wrappers make great packing material for tractor parts! :D

Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:03 am

Do you guys skinem before you eatem?

Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:07 am

Nah! I need the fiber at my age! :wink:

Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:12 am

:D Them tails can be a little chewy! Wonder how many have actually eaten opossum? I have, believe it or not, or is that something I should keep to myself!

Reference material

Tue Jan 04, 2005 12:52 pm

Elliot. Since you are going into business, may I suggest a reference. "Guide to Cooking Fish & Game", by Cy Littlebee, published by the Missouri Department of Conservation, 1997. The book contains three excellent recipes for possum. The book recommends removal of hair before cooking. Removal of the head and tail are optional.

You might contact Schwan's and see if they will carry your product. There must be a market for home delivered microwave ready possum.

County Elliott's Canned Dried Possum

Tue Jan 04, 2005 1:35 pm

Got the pictures right here! Country is a teller of truth!



Tue Jan 04, 2005 2:06 pm

And then there's the premium brand:


Tue Jan 04, 2005 2:16 pm

Country stole that recipe from Granny, and she's madder than a wet hen.
She's sending Jed AND Jethro over.

Seriously, possums could be the next "natural" resourse. Dad says 1 possum, (properly cooked of course), will yeild a 55 gallon drum full of grease!! :lol: