Old Farmer's Almanac

Sun Jan 09, 2005 8:48 am

Remember your faded yellow copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac? Well, it's now available online :!: :!:

I have to admit I‘ve read the Almanac but I never put much faith in the long range weather forecasting feature. I looked up my region’s forecast and it surprised me that it was very accurate for November and December. What scares me is the forecast from now through March.

If the Old Farmer's Almanac’s forecasting is somewhat accurate John, you better snow proof those “snow chain” boots and get ready for some "seat time”.

70 days until Spring


Jack Fowler

Sun Jan 09, 2005 10:05 am

it's about time, it's been several years since we've had a real winter here. I looked at the site, but I'm to cheap to spend $5 for the Almanac's guess.


Sun Jan 09, 2005 10:44 pm

I just checked out your link to the almanac site. What an awesome site. It's going to take me days to go through all the interesting struff.

Thanks for the info.