The End of an Era...a new ride

Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:12 pm

After 15 years of faithful service I finally traded my beloved '97 F350 4WD SRW XLT. I ordered this truck brand spankin' new in 1997. It's been a great truck all these years and never given a minutes trouble. It was begining to show it's age some at 117,000 miles. It had a tiny bit of rust beginning on the right rear wheel well, in spite of twice yearly motor oil baths. It was geared awful high, 3:55 and the big 460 V8 got 10mpg regardless of highway, city , or towing.


A couple weeks ago I noticed this truck sitting on the Ford Dealers used lot right across from my office. A few days later I checked on it and ended up taking it home for a weekend test. I brought it back to them and just chilled on it for a week or so. We finally got together last evening on it and done the deal. It's a '99, only 2 years newer than mine, but it has 69,000 one owner miles. It's got the big V10, 4WD Auto, limited slip 4:30 gears. XLT Lariat. It's in unbelievable shape, clean as a pin, inside, outside and underneath. The truck was registered in Florida, it's owners lived in WV and towed a 5th wheel with it to winter in Florida. Never seen more complete, comprehensive service records kept on a vehicle. I don't think I could've found a better used truck for the money I put into should last me for years...


Re: The End of an Era...a new ride

Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:13 pm

Nice looking truck, Dusti! I've got one almost like it, though not as pretty. Image Mine is a '99, F-350 2 WD with a V-10. I too purchased mine used, back in 2005 if I recall correctly. It only had 27,000 miles and was only used by a retired couple to pull their 5th wheel to Florida each winter, kind of like yours. It now has 72,000 and has not given me a bit of trouble. Mileage has been 12 mpg at best, usually around 10 mpg and pulling a trailer, it's usually around 9 mpg.


Have fun and enjoy the new ride!!

Re: The End of an Era...a new ride

Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:01 pm


I have a 2004 F250 with the V10, 2 wheel drive. It has the 3.73 limited slip rear end and has 145,000 on it. I purchased it used from the Ford Dealer in Donalsonville in 08. It gets 10 mpg pulling my 5th wheel. If I can keep it under 65 miles an hour it will get 15-16 mpg not pulling the trailer on the road. I have never had a mintues worth of trouble with it. It had 60k miles on it when I got it.

I hope yours turns out to be another good one. Yours is a nice looking ride. I love a Ford truck!!! :D
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Re: The End of an Era...a new ride

Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:46 pm

Very nice looking new truck. Dusti. You can drive it with pride. :D :D

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Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:42 pm

Very nice truck. I love my Ford. Mines a 7.3 but the v10s are great motors too.

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Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:11 am

I've never really been a Ford guy, like my Chevy pick-ups, but our little motor home is Ford V-10 powered. I get 10 - 11 motor home only and never checked mileage with the trailer, but I don't notice much difference. I love the way the V-10 runs and have had no issues in the 4 years we've had it.
That's a real good looker you got there, Dusty!

Re: The End of an Era...a new ride

Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:24 am

Whoever buys your old truck is going to get a good one. 117,000 miles around here is still new.

I’ve got the same truck and had no problems with 84,000 miles on it. Pulling 17,000 pounds 7.2 MPG at 60-65 MPH. When going up 6-8% grades it will struggle a little unless you take a run at it. Unloaded 12-13 MPG at 65MPH if you can hold it there…the truck has a habit to do 85-90 MPH with no problems (except pass a gas station). Way too fast at my age. Good smooth/quiet running engine/truck. I sold a Chev.Durmax 3500 because of problems GM would not fix. The Chevy pulling the same weight fuel mileage was 8.5 MPG at 60-65 MPH when it wasn’t broken down.

Gary Dotson stated;
I've never really been a Ford guy…

Me neither, Fords are a whole lot harder to work on. One thing I have to say about Fords they’re smooth,tight and I haven’t had to spend a lot of maintenance money yet. Until then…I give Ford a plus sign.
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Re: The End of an Era...a new ride

Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:01 am

Thank you all for the compliments! I miss my ol' truck, but I gotta tell ya' I'm really likin' this "new" truck...I cant' get over the difference in the ride between a '97 SRW and the '99 DRW! The '97 was top of the line in it's day, they sure stepped up in two years time, although I really like the '97 body style much better. Glad some of ya'll have had good experiences with yours.

Now if I could just get the lie-o-meter above 9.9mpg :)

Re: The End of an Era...a new ride

Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:51 pm

Yep Dusti, I went from a 95 F250 to an 01 SD.... they made giant improvements between the two. You will like it!