Bad back again....

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Bad back again....

Postby BigBill » Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:16 pm

I had two knee operations in the early 90's. I been in pain since then. But for the past decade or so the pain is runniong down my calves. My lower back feels like jello if i stand for just minutes or even sit it hurts. I finally realized its my back too. I have 3 herneated dics in my lower back. The steroid injections help for a week but the pain is back again. I was in heaven for those painess days. But now i have a third problem too now my left hip is hurting. I need to make a pit stop for a rebuild i guess. How do you guys deal with getting old?

When i had motorcycles and everytime I threw a leg over the seat the pain would go away when the adrenilan took over. I feel like buying the fastest new production bike and ride the tires off of it. Like a 1340cc suzuki hyabusa, I don't have anything to lose now. With its 200 mile an hour speed it sounds like funnnnnn.
I'm technically misunderstood at times i guess its been this way my whole life so why should it change now.

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Re: Bad back again....

Postby Former Member » Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:51 pm

I have an 8 am appointment on wednesday to see about my full left hip being replaced. Had the right one done in 2003. when the right one was done, the Dr could not believe I had still been walking due to the pain I must have been in. This one will be done before it gets that bad. I have pain, and a lot of loss of mobility in it. Can just barely get the left sock on in the morning and if everything else if flaring, I get my loving wife to do it.

Since the right one healed, the hip has given me 0 problems. I still could not hardly walk though, as the hip pain had masked my back pain for so long. I was 41 at the time. Upon further tests and bone scans, they found I had Osteo everywhere. I have spinal stenosis, degenerated disc's, bulging disc's and 2 old stress fractures in my lower lumbar. Since then i have been diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis. The methotrexate shots worked, but I found out that is what is causing my Dad's liver failure, and being an 'old school drug, is cheap, so they make very little of it. Humera has the same side effects, but pre-insurance is $1000 per shot x2 per month($2000). after insurance $750 so that is out of the question.

What I do is what I can when I can. I fight depression due to the pain, but have found new meds that help a lot with that. I live at a 5 on the pain level, it is normal now and not a problem, but does wear on you. When I get above that I take a 5mg OXY IR to bring me back to a 5 level. Periodically I go a week with no pain meds to curb the indicative addiction associated with narcotics

If I can keep my attitude and depression in check, I can deal with the pain. I have also developed the ability to sleep at will till the worst of it passes.

The reason I do so much with the cubs is to keep my mind busy and off my problems.

Good luck

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