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Re: Storm camera

Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:03 pm

Peter Person wrote:
ScottyD'sdad wrote:
FCub S. E. Tn wrote:Do you think he has enough do-nuts to last through the storm?
Get r done!!!

I have several donut recipes, and a wood stove, to cook on, if we lose power. I think I'll manage! Ed

Joe probably has the day off, have him bring a batch of these down to you.


State of emergency, in Mass. No travel on the rods, allowed! :x Ed

Re: Storm camera

Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:07 pm

Bob Perry wrote:[youtube] [/youtube]

Why does your "coastal" area have more snow than I do? Maybe the live feed, is from your place! Ed

Re: Storm camera

Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:41 pm

No day off for me even though the Gov. said we were closed and stay home somebody decided we should come in. Yes there were Atkins donuts and coffee involved. No there was none left for Ed.

Re: Storm camera

Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:20 pm

I just checked in with Ed (ScottyD'sDad) and he's still kickin', snowed in, no electric, no internet, but seems we all lost power last night, approaching 24 hours ago, and who knows when it will be back.

As for me, there's nothing I love more than a blizzard. Especially when I can be home to enjoy it. Unfortunately for me, half way through the storm, an emergency situation at work, and I found myself driving 60 miles to Boston in the middle of it all. Will be working >48 hrs straight through Monday morning.

A friend took a few video shots of me plowing last night. This is the great '49 Cub I bought from Larry Buzzard Wing a couple years back. It did a super job. We live <1 mile from the ocean, so the snow is very heavy.

Re: Storm camera

Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:11 pm

Awesome Bob, glad the only Cub I have ever sold is working hard for you. You sure made some improvements, that hydraulic blade is really nice!

Thanks for the video!
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