my cat updates

Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:05 pm

I adopt abandon kittens or kittens that no one wants. Plus dogs too.

Ok my three black feral kittens are a few years old now and doing great. Leave there claws long so the can run up trees to safety from predators. They keep my two acres free from anything that crawls or flies.

I just lost the first kitten I found abandon do to old age. But she had an awesome life. She was a day away from death the vet said when I found her.

Now I'm down to just four cats from about seven I had a few years ago.

I just got a message about two kittens from a shelter that nerd a home. There brother and sister. One is black and white and the other is orange and white. There so cute how can anyone not want them. Thell be here soon.

Since my 12 year old rottie passed last year I'm missing my big gal she was a gentle giant at 145lbs. Maybe someday I'll get
Another one. I may look for a shelter dog. There awesome guard tractor dogs.

Re: my cat updates

Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:53 am

Our house cat is a "throw away cat" by which I mean she was abandoned by the road by someone who possibly couldn't bear taking her to animal control and have the possibility of not being adopted and hence put down. The vet said she was 14 weeks. We had a black cat dropped a few years ago whom we got tamed but her kittens we were never sucessful at taming. We got up to about 16 cats which is way too many and was using a bag of catfood a week when I thought I would have to get out the old 12 which does an effective job of thinning. There was way too many because this softie doesn't like to kill things, well I might make an exception for woodchucks. The coyotes solved the problem. Left with only one tomcat too lazy to hunt at night. He then grew friendly and would lay on the bench in the greenhouse when I was working there. Got hit in the road. I kind of miss him. No outside cats now but a nearby farmer has offerred us a few. They're black. Vern

Re: my cat updates

Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:05 pm

We have predators outside bigger than anyone thinks here. I seen a lynx and a mountainlion was reported nearby too. My dog looks outside at night and goes with a weird bark. I know it's something bad outside. I just purchased night vision goggles so I can see what's out there. At onetime I could hear the yotes howling but not that often now. My feral cats are in at night when something bad is around I read there body language. There low, slow and looking as they come in.

Re: my cat updates

Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:45 am

I know there are "macho" folks that want to kill anything that moves but that is definitely not me. Everyone has their own circle of empathy for living things. I have no problems smashing house flies but do my best to save the stray dogs and cats. Two stray dogs at the moment, one beagle looking thing and a pitbull/boxer mix. 5 cats. Two orange cats, Rusty and Chip. One has been here for 13 years, another showed up 8 years ago. A gray cat, Hillary, that lives for the past 3 years under a deck.

Son brought home a kitten a few years ago with a torn leg. I thought, how much could that cost to get fixed by a vet. Over $500 later and we had a 3 legged cat. Callie ran in a curve and could not climb trees. It liked to hang out where the wild things lived and we found it torn apart a few months ago. Likely a racoon. About the time the 3 legged cat died, a small black cat with bright yellow eyes showed up. Named Obadiah, lives in the loft of the barn, goes in and out through a small trap door. Likes to lay on the workbench and watch carbs being repaired. Interesting to watch it learn about the world by chasing a butterfly or a lizard. Last cat for now showed up a month ago in my son's hand. Smallest cat I had seen with its eyes open. Also black with bright yellow eyes. Louie was too small to brave the outdoors so lives upstairs in the house.

I have never met BigBill but from this one post of his, I learned alot about him.