Ford ignition lock

Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:25 pm

My F150 has been stubborn for some time when I try to turn on the ignition switch-- which also unlocks the steering wheel and the transmission selector lever. I assumed that it was the steering wheel lock that was the problem. WRONG! Unknown to me at that time is that the lock cylinders are the problem. Used on several years of light trucks and perhaps on Crown Vics also. I knew how easy it is to remove the cylinder (internet search shows lots of how -to).
Short of it is that if your Ford lock is getting stubborn, replace it- don't lube it- it may stick worse after the lube. And shop for best price for the new one. I bought the cheapest on eBay and it works fine- I could have paid over 4 times more and probably get the same part. Not exactly like the original but perfectly usable.