Venting, YTM web site.

Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:05 pm

Maybe their site has a fault. I tried to answer a question on where to purchase a crank for a G allis. The original poster stated that he had tried the advertisers on the web site with no results. I attempted to post the web site for Valu-bilt. Submitted my post - zapped. Three attempts.

I have several other posts zapped. My next most recent was converting a 6 volt system on a Allis to 12v alternator. Total conversion cost for a WD series Allis is about $40.00 and that includes the cost of a new alternator including core charge. That post lasted about 2 hours. Retail market price for the conversion kit is $85.00 to $120.00.

Ok. Enough.


Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:16 pm

That web site does not like posts with links to "competing" web sites. You have to put them in the text of the post using some form like:
instead of:


Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:44 pm

My mother used to say that I was the most trying kid she had.

Jim: Tried several more times. worldwidewebvalue-biltdotcom. Several variations. Didn't work. Even tried to post to leave an answer there. No luck.

I understand competition. If the web site advertisers can not supply the desired item why not help locate it for him/her. Better to have the customers return to your retail outlet because of the staff helped them out then to tell everyone he/she got flipped off.


Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:54 pm

Maybe they are competing with GardenWeb. I got banned from gardenweb just for mentioning another tractor site. I tried answering a post a YT the other day and it would not take, It would just take me back to the forum when I clicked the submit button.

Re: Trying

Wed Jun 15, 2005 2:00 am

Eugene wrote:My mother used to say that I was the most trying kid she had.


No Eugene your mum's got it wrong, that was me :lol:


Wed Jun 15, 2005 9:22 am

Check the post again this morning. Another individual replied listing only a phone number and stating that they had a reground crank for the G Allis for $325.00 plus shipping.

I tried to post the phone number for Valu-bilt and the fact that they had the crank listed for $100.00 and of course shipping.

Zapped again.


Wed Jun 15, 2005 10:11 am

As Jim stated, Kim has seriously limited the allowable links from her site. You cannot link to any retailer that is not a paid advertiser on her site. Or you cannot link to sites that promote direct competition with her advertisers. Rudi's site and Binder Books are a couple of examples. In fairness to Kim, her site draws a tremendous amount of traffic and I'm sure her costs to maintain the site and pay for the bandwidth are pretty significant. It is a good all-around resource. Learn the quirks and the short-cuts around some of them.

Wed Jun 15, 2005 12:03 pm


I understand basically what you are saying. Kim was advised of the problems I have had posting at all :?: :( :? Many times after answering a thread, and I hit preview or submit, I get tossed back to the main page of the IH Forum. I have sent her a number of emails regarding this problem. She has answered some and has been uncharicteristically quiet on others.

I have also asked her is my Cub Manual Server link is a problem. She has replied many times that no it is not, and I was just looking at an old email from YTMag that specifically asked if they could link to my page. I said most definitely yes, and at any time. I haven't seen the link yet. However on the Cub Manual Server, I continually update the links to the Tractor Forums that I like and use - in this specific order :

1. Farmall
2. Antique Tractor Internet Service
3. Yesterdays Tractor Co.
4. My

and I still need to add this one:

5. Antique Farmall

Oh, you will notice that certain sites that permit/condon/allow flames/personal slights/argument/bickering/unseemly behaviour are NOT linked from the Server. On the best and the most convivial! There is one which is in serious doubt at the moment, and time will tell whether or not it remains a link.

I still have difficulty posting in the IH Forum, and it matters not whether I use or delecte the link from my post. If you will notice I use a different tag line at the end of my posts on YTMag - Cub Manuals at I also post instructions to cut and paste the links into their browsers to gain access to these other sites.

Kim really has to understand that sharing of info on the Internet is intrisic to the whole concept. I think she also has some serious technical issues with the forums. Also, this is not to be taken any other way than as simply an expression of an opinion and is not a negative comment at all, but one designed to instigate continued discussion.

I also think that the only way to maximize the use of a forum is to allow a little leeway. Dennis has it right.

Spencer has a wonderful site in the Antique Tractor Internet Service. It was the first one that popped up in my initial search for information on Cubs and Cub Cadets. I as a lot of newbies was under the impression that Cub Cadets were the Cultivision Garden tractors and not the Lawn Mowers :!: :?: :roll: :oops: :roll: :oops: :roll: I learned real quick form the members of Spencer's Forum the difference. Thanks Jim, George W and BD :!: :D :D

I kind of wish that Spencer might update his software a bit to allow for links such as Binder Books etc., especially those links to suppliers that pay advertising to him. And, keep the tag lines at the bottom of the page.

I wish Kim would do the same. I also wish that Kim would include non-commercial sites such as the Cub Manual Server in her list of approved hot-links. This would definitely spread the flow of information and increase the activity on ALL of the Forums. Unfortunately, commercialism seems to dominate the attitudes of many Internet users... I guess that is the wave of the future ... too bad :roll: :(

As I have already said to Dennis, and I guess maybe it might be time to broach this subject, is that I am willing to make a donation to help support/fund this site. I would be willing to make a similar donation to Spencer. As for YTMag, well I would be willing on a smaller contribution basis as Cubs are not a major part of her site.

Btw, in case I haven't said this enough, Dennis -- listen up ok :!: :arrow: :lol:

Farmall Cub dot Com is the Absolute Best, Most User Friendly, Informative, Convivial, Friendly site on the Internet and has the greatest people in the world as it's members :!: :D :D

Ahhh yup, guys and gals. That would be YOU :!: :idea: :!: :D

Sorry for the length. I can go on especially when I am on my Image