Are you a good shot?

Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:02 am

We have a local pawn shop/gun/ammo store that is a good place to do business with, plus occasionally a good place tp hear some funny stories from some of the BS suppliers that hang out there. I went in the other day to get some ammo, and by the time I got to the back I was already glad I had my boots on due to the depth. As I got to the back One guy who I did not know was talking about how he needed a rifle to shoot 500 yards, plus it had to be light enough to be able to get up for a quick shot and he mimicked bringing a rifle up quickly and firing. This is hill country with woods and brush, and a place to make a shot at 200 yards, much less 500 is rare. There are a few people around capable of making a 500 yard shot, but they are rare, and I know most of them, even trained a couple of them.

When the speaker finished his "claim", I waited just a little and said, "Now you are talking about my kind of shooting, I do OK shooting from a rest, but a quick shot is where I am good." and I acted as if I were snapping a rifle up and firing. "as a matter of fact", I said, "I do not remember the last time i missed a shot like that". I waited a little bit for comments, and when none came I added, "It's not that I am that good a shot, I just have a bad memory!!". :lol: Everyone had a startled look on their faces, but the guy running the store was laughing so hard he nearly fell off the stool he was sitting on. I got my ammunition and left, and when I was back a few days later, Tom told me I sure put an end to the bragging session.

Re: Are you a good shot?

Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:47 pm

John, you would really fit in our Cowboy Action Shooting posse!!!!!