OH The Fustrations

Thu May 08, 2014 9:12 pm

Working on a Farmall M, getting it ready to be restored after sitting 30 yrs. Well I got the new tires mounted and put on and so I went to start it tonight and nothing :evil: I was mad, battery is new and I could get nothing out of the starter. The push button switch started to stick shut when pushed in and no starter noise. I just had the tractor running last week while sitting on stands. So Narrowed it down to a bad start push button. I had just replaced right before I took the tires off so I guess I'll have to order another one again. It worked fine the other day and now nothing been there to many time lately and getting sick of it. When you think you got everything about done something else has always seemed to pop up!! :x :? :lost:

Anyway, hoping to have this old M done here shortly with all that is left will be a paint job.

Enjoy, Sorry for the rant.

Re: OH The Fustrations

Sun May 11, 2014 3:56 pm

Plan on dragging a 41 Farmall H home in June to repair for a guy. Understand all the frustrations with it running a week ago. I still have a tiller, push mower, riding mower and a Massey 65 to fix before the H though. All these jobs finance the John Deere A project. It is also a has not run in a long time project.

Just remember we do this to relax, right ? :headbang

Rodney 8)