Thanks for all the help

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Thanks for all the help

Postby jrsarge » Sat May 31, 2014 9:16 pm

I am no longer a Cub owner. It is a sad day.

I sold my Cub today so this is the end of the line for me

The guy who bought it is happy to add one to his collection

I passed on to him that he should make it a point to get to the VA Cubfest to meet the great folks

My thanks to Boss Hog and the 2011 Hog Waller team that healed Deadfoot. Boss Hog's rear main seal repair held up and never leaked a drop of oil. She was running fine up until the morning the mower PTO gave out. My thanks to the all those who post on this forum for their technical assistance and straight forward discussion on what it takes to cure a ailing Cub

The new guy will fix her up and put her back to work. Just like life was meant to be

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