One for eugene

Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:25 pm

Re: One for eugene

Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:33 am

Pretty neat. Probably not practical for my usage.

I have investigated quite a number of different black walnut hullers, trying to find something suitable for my usage. So far I have found nothing cheaper and faster than dumping the walnuts on the driveway and then driving the pickup over them.

Re: One for eugene

Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:34 am

I have also dumped walnuts in the drive and run over them but with an asphalt drive that is no longer an option so I smack them with a large rubber hammer. This thing in the video leaves the nuts nice and clean also. Dad used to place a 2x4 on the garage roof, not sure how it was held on, and let the rain clean them. Can't say it hurt the roof any. As a teen I have jacked a trailer tire high enough to just clear a plank. With a sister spinning the tire I could throw a nut under the tire and out the other side would come the shucked nut and shuck. Kind of messy. :D Vern

Re: One for eugene

Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:30 pm

VW, we used a similar system when I was a kid, but it was an old 51 Chevy pickup that had originally been a wrecker. The hand throttle on the dash for operating the winch which had been left on it. Like you we made a trough just wide enough for the wheel to fit in, and jacked up the wheel just high enough there was room for a hulled walnut to pass under it. Of course we blocked the other wheels, and set it to a fast idle, then would throw nuts down the trough where they would go under the snow tire and be kicked out the rear. Occasionally one would fail to go through, and we would have to take a stick and jab it to get it to go under the wheel. The hulls would only go 3 or 4 feet, but the walnuts would go several feet, so we propped up an old binder canvas for a backstop to catch the walnuts. After we hulled a big batch we just had to take a scoop shovel and fill tow sacks to hang them in the shed with a wire to dry. Occasionally a squirrel would spot the sacks hanging in the open shed and worry itself to death trying to get to the walnuts, but as soon as the dog spotted him, he had better be fast.

Re: One for eugene

Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:08 pm

My Dad told us about when he was a kid, and I remember him showing us when I was little, that he used an old international hand crank corn sheller to de-hull the black walnuts, worked good too. I am sure they were not as clean as this guys. :) Oh and if you want to remove paint from any thing leave it under a black walnut tree. I remember my on grandmas car was always parked under the big walnut tree at the farm, and after several years the hood, top, and trunk was just all surface rust it ate the paint off.