Round trip

Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:20 pm

I passed through Genessee NY on rout 63 today and then west on Route5 on my round trip from Staten Island to Clarence NY and back. Saw a sign Tired Iron in Genesee and a couple of cube along 5 with some iron wheeled tractors. Really wish i had more time. Bev and I took one of our grand daughters to her other grand ma before college starts for the fall. Got there and there was a call get home quick they are milling my street tomorrow and my truck is parked on it. I had hoped to check out a cub that was on Epay but had to pass that up too.
It was a beautiful day for a ride but the price of gas Phew. We used my fathers 2000 Lesabre. It got 30.7 MPG but once you get near 800 miles it gets costly.

Bill Sorensen