Jones Tractor Carburetor Repair

Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:32 pm

Howdy folks finally got time to get back into my Cubbing. Ive been busy with my garden prep and greenhouse setups the last few months. Dad has been trading up a few Cubs and we are putting a set of cultivators together for his new tractor. This little tractor led us to meet another great tractor resource this weekend. He had called the second nearest IHC dealership about a Carb as this tractors looked like it went 10 rounds with a sledge hammer.

They put him in contact with Mr Franklin Jones and they talked and stuck up a deal He happened to have a rebuilt one on the shelf. I was amazed at the things he can do to a tractor carb. He can straighten and even repair broken float pivot legs. I have a Carb that Mr Russ straightened for me at Woodson Ridge but my float had been mauled a little and had a big dobbing of solder on it. He had one in stock and gave me some tips on rebuilding the carbs.
He also had a set of Main seal housings that he bored in his mill for an over sized seal. I cant help it that stuff amazes me. I have a carb from a BF Moline Im about take to him. Take care Taylor Lambert