A BIG "1" Plus for TM tractor parts

Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:38 am

I ordered some fcub gaskets and seals from TM and all of a sudden there at my door already. There service is better than fast food here they processed my order very fast. I get the same serice from TM that i get from mcmaster carr industrial supply. These companies are number 1 on my list to deal wth. The speed in shipping gets my vote everytime.

Some companies it takes two weeks for the goods to arrive and i ask why???

One more thing the USPS mail is faster than UPS everytime. And it costs less in most cases too. I do a lot of mail ordering because i can't get out plus it saves on gas and time. The fast checkout and process of our orders plus the speed in shipping is the way to get your customers comming back. Thank's again TM; Bill