Abdominal Supports

Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:02 pm

Country reminded me that sometimes we need to pay attention to what is happening to us especially after a surgical procedure. Hernias and muscle tone/strength loss is a common post surgical occurrence and when working in the yard or whatever, you can end up with potential serious medical complications. This was brought to light a few months ago when we had a scare - looked like I had a strangulated abdominal hernia (post '05 surgical hernia in my abdomen). This caused a lot of concern because it is life threatening but I still have my chores to do and I do not want to park my butt in a chair all the time. So, as we were talking to the docs in emerg, we asked what kind of support that he might recommend. These days doctors do not recommend supports for controlling hernias as they prefer to repair the hernia when indicated. I told him I needed to be able to pick up large blocks/logs of firewood etc., and what were the limits. He said I really shouldn't pick up anything weighing more than 20-30lbs. I kinda chuckled and told him that the logs were all beyond that limit.

He suggested an Abdominal Support Bandage as a way to reduce the stress on the hernia and reduce the risk of strangulation and reminded us it is not a fix but simply an aide and to keep that in mind. Em and I went to our local Shoppers Home Health Care Centre and found an OTC 0516F6 General Abdominal Support Binder. I have tried to find it on the net and this is the closest I could get to it.

OTC Elastic Abdominal Binder

The one that I have is an excellent product and if you have an abdominal surgical scar/possible abdominal hernia, then this might be a good option to investigate. In my case it worked beautifully. In my you-tube video splitting the popple blocks I was wearing the support I have and not only was it comfortable, it supported my abdomen and allowed me to continue doing the things I need to do. I now use this whenever I know I am going to be in a situation that requires heavy lifting. I could not imagine splitting/hauling wood without it. 5 stars in my book.