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Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:22 pm

Eugene wrote:
Bob McCarty wrote:Dave, My Drill Doctor has gauges on the side to determine the different angles (115 and 135* or whatever they are). I would bet yours does too.
....Can't find any Bob....Theres one in the book but not clear enough for ol butter brain here....Need a hands on thang.
Dime store protractor, make your own drill bit angle gauges. Sheet metal cut out or simply trace the desired angles on a file folder type paper.
I been wondering about that....I'll give it a shot...Thanks :thumbsup:

Re: Drill bits

Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:24 pm

grumpy wrote:Here's what I use when hand sharpening. ... point+gage
Got it saved in my shopping cart....Gona give Eugene's protractor a shot also....Thanks :thanx:

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Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:14 pm

Well I posteted this in the wrong place the first time and barnyard was kind enough to try to move it for me but it got lost,
Then I put in the project fourm, and then I found this about Drill Doctors so here I go again :{_}: and hope I got in the right place this time :thanx: Thanks BarnYard...

when it is to cold outside or in the shops My Beautiful Wife will let me work in the house,
If I do it in my office and not in the Living room or on the kitchen table.
So I can watch T.V. Play on the computer, And Sharpen all the Drill Bits That need to be ready for summer.
I got this Drill Doctor 400 about six years ago and it works great,
some of my bits need to be put on a grinder in the shop if they are in bad shape, But most can be done on the Drill Doctor in the house,
And what you see on this table is only about 1/ 100 th. of what I have in the Shops,
The Drill Doctor will only go up to 3/4 inch, so anything over that I have to do with a Jig on my grinders in the machine Shop.
But the Drill Doctor is the best thing I have found to sharpen small drill Bits on.
So If you need to sharpen a lot of drill Bits the Drill Doctor is the Answer, For the Money it Cost me, it has Save Me a Lot Of Money..