cylinder ridge reamer

Sat Oct 05, 2013 6:31 pm

I have been looking for a cylinder ridge reamer. Zim #287 seemed to be the item I wanted, 2 to 3 inch bore size. Didn't cut. Steel blade, not carbide. I borrowed a Lisle 336500, which is supposed to be too big, 2 11/16. Cube bore is 2 5/8. The unit fits the bore, fine. A thick, "O"ring type band,around its middle, prevented me from inserting it all the way. I removed the band, and replaced it with a slice of bicycle inner tube. This allowed the tool to fit into the bore, and it worked great. Much heavier construction, than the Zim, and has a carbide cutter. Zim claims to have a carbide cutter, but none seem to exist. I'm going to get one, for myself. ($60 to $100 price range)