Paging Rudi

Fri Feb 14, 2003 9:51 am

Went to the manual site and noticed that the manual I sent you was missing. Did you delete it because of poor quality? If you still want it perhaps I can copy it with greater clarity. Email me and let me know.


Fri Feb 14, 2003 10:36 am


I have been re-doing the pages, and some of the links appear to be broken. Just spent the last 10 minutes correcting a bunch.

Can you travel thru the page and look for broken links -- if you find any let me know which pages please.

I know you only have 56k dial up, but they should be rather quick to load nonetheless.

And nosiree buddy, not taking your manual off -- took a lot of work on your part to get it to me, ain't gonna happen! Sorry for the busted links though :oops:


Fri Feb 14, 2003 10:44 am


Can do easy. I don't know how you find time to make these manuals available to us. I am buried in honey dos but as soon as I see daylight I will send some pages from my late model owners manual. Hope some legal beagel doesn't ping on us for copyright infringement.


Fri Feb 14, 2003 3:39 pm


I am not going to worry about it. Most of the stuff is old, there is no copyright on/in the manuals, there is something about the 50 year rule and also, no one is making a dime off of this, certainly not me. Also my dealer is trying to get manuals for me to scan as well!

If you notice though, I do counsel people to get at least copies of the three basics from BinderBooks -- owners,parts,service manuals -- they are must haves. The whole idea behind this started cause somebody had a tranny problem and needed a schematic, so I sent him one -- then it sort of evolved into what it is now. I eventually would like to put it on cd - mostly so I can take it to the shop and put it in the computer -- no network to the shop so I cannot move files -- much cleaner and I can enlarge/zoom on a particular item I want to really see! Saves my good manuals from grease too!

As for the time, well you know why I retired, and when it is really cold, the honey do list goes on the back burner -- she lets me play with my computers. I don't sleep well either, so I get to play at night when all are in bed too.. so time gets available. And speaking of cold - it is minus 27 Celsius with the wind chill to minus 43 and getting colder -- should stay around minus 40-46 till Monday -- I am not even going to go to the shop unless I absolutely have too!

Glad I got them done though, cause now I have to concentrate on building two new computers -- helps to pay for the cultivator and other parts -- in fact that is how I got to buy Ellie-Mae -- selling some of my used computers generated a wee bit of money to get her!

Hobbies can be mutually rewarding and beneficial too! starting to ramble so dat's it fer now