access problems

Sun Oct 22, 2006 12:33 pm

Is anyone having problems posting to the forums?


Preview and get redirected to an unknown page?
Excessive wait times while request is processed?
Anyone have problems submitting a new post?

Sun Oct 22, 2006 1:23 pm

no problems here - yet............

Sun Oct 22, 2006 2:07 pm

Working fine here...

Sun Oct 22, 2006 2:14 pm


Dennis is giving me a hand on this. It seems to be a pretty nasty little bug that may be visiting my network. I need to find it and soon.. cause it is causing a DoS issue for me. The only way I can get into the forum is via a proxy.. and that my friend is the Biggest PITBu double T's going.. At least now I can actually post.. I can't PM but I can post for now.. we will see how it resolves itself..

I am hoping one of my kids did'nt accidentally get a worm or trojan on their puters.. :roll: :( :? :!:

Mon Oct 23, 2006 9:08 pm

Finally, after what - almost 4 days of this problem, I finally got it fixed... still haven't got a clue as to what the heck happened.. but I am back.. thank God for that :!:

Now no more ads bugging me everytime I post via a proxy...