Sun Nov 05, 2006 5:50 am

HI guys if I use my internet exsplorer I can not get on the cub site it says failure to connect. I did nothing different it just happened. If I go to my dial up and go through that way I can its just exsplorer I guess. Any idea's?

Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:02 am


Couple of things:

1: Go into Internet Explorer, click on Tools. Go down to Options, Clear your Cookies, History and Files... close IE. Count to 5 slowly. Reopen IE and try again.

2. If you still cannot get on ensure that you can still go other places.....

3. If you can surf to other websites and it is just, then you will be at least #3 who has had this problem in the last week. Then you have to check a few things. Make sure that your firewalls do not have farmallcub or its associated IP address blocked. Make sure that your router itself does not have farmallcup or its associated IP blocked.

To determine if your router or firewall has the IP blocked you can try a few things.

1. Go to Start - Run
2. Type in Cmd
3. Type in after the C:\My Documents and Settings\.....\ping - (enter)you should get a ping response and timing etc.
4. Type in tracert (enter) and you should get timings and route information.

5. Then type in ping If you get time out or something else.. then you may have a more complicated problem.

In my case I had a DDoS problem in my router (on two separate occassions - two separate routers ---- same exact problem)

Best I can do this early on a Sunday.. keep us posted

Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:01 pm

I have had this problem a few times this last week but not for this long. I just got back in the house sun afternoon and I can get on now. And it was all cub sites atis and all. dont know why.