Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:27 pm

I have not been able to get to the forum through IE all day I have tryed to do my best with the dial up but if I have missed ya will try again tomorow. The dial up is too slow. A few others have emailed me with the same problem. I did everything rudi said but I think its a server problem its been on and off for almost a month now.

Mon Dec 04, 2006 10:07 pm

Jon: I've got the slowest dial-up known to man - Paul Revere was quicker - I've been onand off here all day with zero problems.

Mon Dec 04, 2006 10:48 pm


You need to clear your Internet cache, delete cookies and delete files. You got a little corruption going on.. unless of course you are getting SQL errors, Cannot access DataBase errors and stuff. If you are getting that, then it is not your computer, but it is the ISP Host that hosts the Farmall Cub server...

Need more info to diagnose.. copy and paste the errors you are getting and post here.... but I bet ya it is an SQL error.

Tue Dec 05, 2006 6:08 am

Well Rudi its fine at 6:00 this morning . I believe it says either cannot connect or something .Sorry I cannot remember. I did what you said about what to do. Its only internet exsplorer for me. I can access through my walmart connect dial up server even on my broadband without dialing up but its slower tha mulasises in your neck of the woods. One of the other members said through an PM or email he kept getting a time out when he tryed also. This keeps happening sometimes every day for an hour or two. I try restart. Try restart or IE sometimes I can go others no.
When I can connect it takes between 1 and 3 seconds when I cannot it takes about 30 sec to a min before I get the cannot connet screen.
Hope this helps the next time it happens I will pay more attention and email you or something through my dial up.

Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:57 am


I think it is Hosting Issues... sure sounds like it. BTDT before... gave me fits for a bit, but it worked it way out... The Host ISP does it's best, but there are a lot of flakies out there who try to shut stuff like the forums down.. just to see if they can do it... makes no sense, but that is THEIR hobby.... :roll: :shock: :? :roll: :wink: :(