How to post pictures?

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How to post pictures?

Postby BOB K. » Mon Aug 30, 2004 11:06 pm

I an not good with computers so can someone help me. I was told I need some kind of photo page. I have no idea what that means and what to do to post a photo. Any help you can provide will be very helpful. Thanks, Bob K.

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John Niekamp
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Postby John Niekamp » Mon Aug 30, 2004 11:49 pm


A "photo page" is someplace on the internet that keeps or saves your pictures for viewing on line or in this case "linking" to this site or others. It may be that your ISP offers such a service if not, I just found an image hosting site that is free of charge. I think the most you can upload to them is 1 meg files per picture, BUT what is nice once you upload your picture they give you the HTML tags to post here on this site or any others. I have not had very good luck with Yahoo/Geocities, linking images from my web page I get a lot of hits and then they want me to buy more bandwidth.

All you really do is take the tag the image host gives you to that exact image that you want to be seen and when you are here writting up your message body you take and right click and highlight "paste" and there you have it. It has to be easy if I can get it accomplished.

Follow the link below and they give you the EXACT tag(s) that this site requires. Actually they give you several different options and an explanation for what kind of posting that may be required for the forum you may be using. If it's here or another forum or at Ebay. IT'S ALL COPY AND PASTE

Here's the URL: I registerd this way I can go back and see what I have in my files. if not they will give you the tags, but you can not go back and find them usually, it's better if you go ahead and register. They seem to be very reliable and I haven't seen a problem linking them to here. I have noticed that some of my post have received many hits. (More than likely people asking themselves what on the earth is this idiot (ME) talking about?)

I'm not the smartest on HTML tags by any means, but I can get you started with the bare basics.

Any trouble email me and I will be more than happy to walk you through it all, my email is listed here on the forum. Or better yet if you have Yahoo instant messenger, I always have it runnig in the background.

John Niekamp

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Postby allenlook » Tue Aug 31, 2004 7:51 am

And, if the URL gets out of hand, you can use the free service at to turn it into a really short one!
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