new tablet

Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:06 pm

I have been thinking about a tablet computer for quite a while. I was not interested in a smart phone, since I am normally home, plus I did not want to pay the additional monthly data charges, and my eyes are getting old and I wanted a larger screen than is practical in a smart phone. Being a cheapskate (old retired geezer) with tired eyes, I decided to start out with a DOPO (Double Power Tech) 9.1 inch Android unit. They are only $110 through WalMart on line, plus in horizontal mode they are big enough you can actually touch type on it. There defintely is a pretty good learning curve involved, especially for an old geezer that does not think or remember real well. One of the things I did was scan my manuals to pdf files and download them onto it. I also have a wifi printer in my shop and by using Printshare Premium I can run off pages anytime I want. To add to everything I found last week that Firefox now has an Android app that will sync to my pc Firefox and I now have all my book marks, history, etc. on the tablet. Learnign curve has started all over again.