Picture Size

Tue Aug 16, 2005 7:19 am

First of all let me say that I am not computer literate. On the manuals page the picture is twice the size of my screen. I would like to print out the diagrams so I could look at them while I am trying to put the hyd. box back together. A lot of springs , o-rings, clips etc. There has got be a way to do this. Thanks in advance to all you gurus. Ray

Tue Aug 16, 2005 7:55 am

When I want print and increase or decrease the size of what I print, I hold the control key and hit the letter "p". On the print screen I click the properties button and on the next screen the effects button. Here I can make the size what ever I want.


Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:28 am


Sorry about some of the sizes on the server. I am going to have to redo much of it as I have time.

However... here is a fix.

I am assuming that you are looking at a parts manual, so let us say that it is a TC-37F Revision 3.. Make a directory on your hard drive named Cub. Then make a sub directory named Cub Parts Manuals. Then another subdirectory called TC-37F Revision 3.

I have each chapter broken down again into sub-directories - mostly so it makes it easier for me to upload and update etc..

You can do the same I guess - Group 01 - Parts and Accessories would be the start.

Save each page into these directories.

Once you have all these saved, we can move on to resizing the files Then again I am assuming you are probably using Windows XP -- I hope...

Here is a response I made to this topic a bit ago... sorry kind of rushed this morning, so I hope it is all here;


Thought I would bring this back up to the front again as it is a useful topic. Also kinelbor1 was kind enough to send me the link to the Resizer he uses and I have added it to this post. I also found a couple of errors - geez I seem to be having a string of this ailment lately... must be because I just got a year older yesterday.... :wink: :roll: :lol: yippee :!: , and I wanted to correct them.

Here is the original with the corrections.


You explained that really well. I tend not to do so well on that explanation. Mostly cause I am spoiled. I upload a lot of what I want for the Cub Forums to the server, so it is just family stuff now on my ISP sites.

Glad to that I am not the only lonely voice in the woods.

Free sites ALWAYS have costs to them no matter what. I also really do not like the loss of intelectual property rights to these hosting sites. They got to make money somewhere.

One of the sites that I make sure Em and the kids NEVER post photos to is to WebShots. You lose your property rights. They also get to use your photo's without recompense in their galleries as screen savers.

So guys there are a lot of utilities out there to help with resizing photo's.
Here are a few:
  1. Irfanview is one of the best and I have been using it for years.
  2. JPEG Resizer from virtualZONE seems to a useful utility as well.
  3. Miha's Utilities is also a good photo manipulation program. Relative easy user interface, although not as friendly as Irfanview.
  4. MicroSoft's Windows XP Powertoys Image Resizer is ok but it is not backwardly compatible to Win2K, WineME or Win98/98SE. You can get this utility free along with HTML Slide Show Wizard and the CD Slide Show Generator. The CD Slide Show Generator is however backwardly compatible to Win9x - hmmmmm useful. Share Digital Photos Using Windows XP is a good help page to get you started on using this utility.

The nice thing about all of these programs is that they are essentially Free Software. Unfortunately as with all things free, there is a catch/cost - and in software/shareware it is the bugs/support issue. Also, be aware that with a lot of shareware, Botware and Viruses can be hidden within the download, so ensure that you are using a good Anti-Virus Program and an SERIES of Anti-Spyware programs such as SpyBot, Ad-Aware Se and Microsofts Anti-Spyware Beta program. These will help to remove offending runtime attachments, but must be used conjunctively. One will not get em all unfortunately.

That is why in conjunction with your ISP, Irfanview is probably the safest and most user friendly option available.

This might be another candidate for a How To article. Will work on it.

When I posted to the new thread about Ellie's head.. I uploaded the original pics as Em took them. Too big... so I had to do something quick. I used Em's computer which is running XP and went into the directory where Ellie's Head pics were. I highlighted them all and then right clicked, clicked Resize Image (Powertoys shows up there) and chose for a 640x480 screen size as it was a reasonable option.

Do this.. then you should be able to print them all so they fit on the page.

Aside from that, what I have always done was import them into Corel or Word and make a document. Then print the document... downside is it takes time and the files are HUGE>>>

Hope this makes sense..

Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:28 am

When I hold the control key down and press "p" my print screen doesn't have preferences as an option. I am running XP Pro and that may be why. I have "preferences" and "find printer" in the boxes. I clicked on preferences and didn't find "effects" there either. May be my XP operating system. Thanks Ray

Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:41 am

The effects, etc. vary depending on what printer you have. Teh program and drivers for yours may not offer that option. Try downloaidng the page, and resize it with the image program that came with XP (don't remeber it's name) or with Irfanview (free from http://www.irfanview.com).

Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:58 am

Sirry jammeejoe I am using windows 2000.