Cub Steering Conversion

Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:04 am


Steering conversion purchased from Earl Fauble, 6991 16th Rd, Amanda, OH 43102. E-mail:

Conversion consisted of the plate and pins attached to the steering arm and the tie rods. Additional items required were two left hand rod ends, purchased from local industrial supply and two socket headed bolts.

The two bolt holes in the steering arm were reamed/drilled out to match the bolt holes in the adapter plate.

Only minor problem was that one of the welds holding a pin to adapter plate broke when I was tightening the nut. I dressed the old weld and rewelded - actually welded both pins with my arc welder.

It's a very good product. Old steering arm was worn out beyond adjustment. The conversion removed all of the slop out of the front end except for a tiny amount in the steering sector.

Yes, I straightened up the rod end after taking the photo. Right front tire is also flat in the photo.

I should add that Earl had parts for several different Cub steering arms.

Re: Cub Steering Conversion

Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:52 am

I'd like to do the conversion. Where did you get the tie rod ends? Couldn't you have used your old tie rods? Why did you replace them? If I could get the plate made locally and buy the tie rod ends, cut the ends off my old tie rods and thread them. Would that work?
Thanks for the reply.
J Favor

Re: Cub Steering Conversion

Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:13 pm

The outer tie rod ends are original, I reused them.

I replaced the steering arm plate and tie rods because they were worn way beyond adjustment.

You could manufacture the same set up. I spent a bit of time looking up parts, trying to figure out a good way to accomplish the task. One problem that I had was the purchase price of a left handed die to cut threads on the tie rod.

Suggest you contact Earl telling him what you need and obtain a price. Then go from there. You might want to consider that Earl's parts are fully machined, welded and ready to install.

The inner tie rod ends were obtained from an industrial supply store. The inner tie rod ends were on in stock.