Re: Drill Doctor

Mon Nov 07, 2011 3:15 pm

Today, asked neighbor who has owned a Drill Doctor for several years if he ever replaced the grinding wheel. He has never replaced the grinding wheel. Said he, and his two son in-laws have used it many times.

Re: Drill Doctor

Sun Dec 25, 2011 1:01 pm

I now have a 750 thanks to your input and its ability to sharpen up to a 3/4 inch bits

My First Impression was it looks complicated and the instructions seemed intimidating.. I was wrong.

The first few bits I sharpened were small ( 3/16 or so ) and spruced up in no time.
I had an old 11/16 bit that had been beaten up a bit and was very dull. Took 15 minutes to make adjustments and get it cutting pretty well inn red oak.

Like the others , I like it and think it is a good investment at 138.99 free shipping and expect it to last a very long time. :D