Fuzion Body Filler

Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:48 pm

As most of you know I've been learning as I go with the use of body filler. I had purchased a USC Ultralite Filler from TP Tools - http://www.tptools.com/USC-SPECIAL-LITE-Lightweight-Filler,3278.html?b=s*usc. I struggled with it but through the help from this forum and some practice I had good results.

That being said and based on a recommendation from this forum I purchased and have received body filler called Fuzion from TP Tools. http://www.tptools.com/SearchResult.aspx?searchPhrase=fuzion. This product is $10 per gallon more expensive and from my perspective worth every penny.

I opened, I mixed it - put some on my mixing board w/hardener - applied the product and 20 minutes later I was sanding away w/o any plugging of the sand paper. I never achieved this result with the USC Special-Lite, no matter how careful I was with the product mixing.

I'll use Fuzion from now on.