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Brake Band Relining

Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:20 pm

Materials and tools used...
Lining is 3/16" thick x 1 1/2" wide. The OEM replacement lining was 11 7/8" long, as was the one removed from the tractor. Lining and Rivets used from http://www.mcmaster.com/# - item #'s below
Lining material used - high strength with woven brass ( #6224K117--$5.39 per ft.)
Rivets used - ( #97451A662--$9.91 for 100, each band takes 10)
3/8" bit to countersink (3/8" = .38 while the head size is .359) 3/8" forstner bit would be ideal
Rivet setter - similar to this one - http://www.spenro.com/brake-lining-rive ... p-370.html ($17)

An iron with steam capabilities may be used to soften the new lining material to aid in installation.

So that equates to less than $21 for both bands ($38 with the tool) if you do it yourself for the first set vs. $132 - $140 for store bought.
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